Monday, May 28, 2012

Must View: The Importance of Staying Ahead of Price Inflation

The below video clip on silver and inflation is absolutely brilliant.

Is silver still a good investment now? Although there are periods when price inflation slows, the continued trend is, over the long haul, for more and more inflation. This means the purchasing power of silver will continue to advance. Further, Ron Paul told me that he thinks silver in the future will climb faster than gold. His argument is that gold is getting so expensive that many people won't be able to afford it and will thus buy silver instead, I couldn't agree more. Tuck away those silver coins, but also don't forget about nickels.

The current composition of a nickel is 75% copper and 25% nickel. The metal value in the nickel is now just slightly more than five cents. As price inflation climbs, the metal value will climb and at some point nickels with the current metal composition will disappear from circulation just like the silver dimes, quarters and half-dollars did, and will be worth much more than their five cent face value. What is most important about holding on to nickels is that if you need cash in a pinch, they will still be worth at least five cents. Always be wary of salespeople who tell you about an investment that can't go down in value, but holding on to nickels is one of the very few that actually is so.


  1. If all politicians were like de Gaulle, maybe I wouldn't be a libertarian.


  3. Nice video! The Wizard of Oz, the Cowardly Lion says, “Ain’t it the truth, Ain’t it the truth?

  4. There is NO NEED of a gold standard, according to Bill Still. I found this video to be very informative. Other than on this ONE issue, I generally agree with Ron Paul. We do not need a return to a gold standard. We just need to END THE FED's control over our 'money' [currency] supply, and HOW MUCH of it, is printed, and put into circulation. [BTW, I am a 1000% supporter of Ron Paul]

    Bill Still Report #45 - Bill at Philly - Bill

  5. There's one horse in this {inflation} race that no one seems to have noticed...

    It's just a matter of time before the Euro is devalued by 10%.

    That's the only card that the ECB and the Members of the EEC have left to play, it's the Ace up their sleeve that you won't see until they play it, one that will "Energize Europe" answering all their problems in one go. Substantial Devaluation will make their products cheaper increasing the demand for BMW's Audi's Merc's VW's and everything else they make, that we want {at a discount}.

    Unemployment in the Eurozone will fall, Tax Revenues will rapidly increase, and all the other pieces of their economic jigsaw will start to fit together again.

    Europe will get back on its feet while the rest of us wonder what we should do. Sadly we don't all have the same Ace up our sleeve, it will be "First come, Best served" in this game...

    Be ready for the Euro being devalued, and remember you heard it here first !!!!

  6. @Anonymous at 11:06am

    You assume that the Euro could be devalued and maintain that devaluation advantage. A small economic entity - an Iceland or maybe a Greece - could. A colossal economic entity (the entire Eurozone) could not, except in the very short term.

    Familiarize yourself with the concept of "the race to the bottom".

    The US dollar has depreciated 97% since 1913. Don't assume for a moment that Benny & the Fed won't jam it down even faster in the hopes of 'stimulating' a sluggish economy that's in danger of 'losing competitiveness' with Europe.

  7. Good money is chase away by bad money as long as countries can print money we will have bad money. I don't know of a solution to this fact.

  8. Audit the Fed, that's the first answer, the rest can be found in Ron Paul's principles. Do not vote for romney or obama.

  9. Actually, speaking of nickels, grab all the Canadian 1981 and older nickels - they are 100% PURE NICKEL!