Monday, July 2, 2012

75 Million Youth are Out of Work Through Out the World....

...reports the World Economic Forum.

Thank you, minimum wage laws and other centrally planned regulations, which make it difficult or impossible for businesses to hire.

Naturally, the bankster controlled WEF, instead of focusing on trying to remove these regulations, is calling for more government involvement that will result in money being funneled to the crony capitalists:
We need a true public-private partnership as outlined in the upcoming report by the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Youth Unemployment. We propose linking educators, government regulators, private companies, civil society and students in a joint effort to make higher education and vocational training more relevant.


  1. Yes. More "higher education". Because Starbucks doesn't have enough barristas with masters degrees.

    Soon enough, you'll need a B.S. to be a fry cook.

  2. Average college graduate = $50k in debt to earn $35k.
    Average h.s. graduate = $0 debt to earn $33k.