Sunday, July 15, 2012

Find Out What Happened When a Federal Reserve Employee Questioned Unusual Currency Movements Before 9-11

Bill Bergman-a former Federal Reserve (Chicago branch) economist and policy analyst, who has raised concerns about unusual currency transactions pre- 9-11----including billions in one hundred dollar bills, is the guest this week on the Robert Wenzel Show.

Bergman worked at the Chicago Federal Reserve for over 13 years as an economist and financial markets policy analyst, until he started asking questions about unusual currency movements before 9-11. On the show we talk about what happened to him, after he started his investigation.

We also talk about how the Fed's Biege Book is assembled, the trillion plus dollars sitting at the Fed as excess reserves, the LIBOR "scandal", Warren Buffet and much more

Here's the podcast version:

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  1. Sizzling and the weather. Keep the good shows coming.

  2. Mr. Bergman exudes credibility.
    There's some deep politics afoot.

  3. I enjoyed the interview.

    A few thoughts:
    1)Investigative efforts are superficial, polticized, white washed, not adequately explored(i.e. guest ref. to pg. 172 911 Commission report).
    2)Good that some real world 'current conditions in our marketplace, anecdotal evidence, talking to businesses' research appears to be associated with the Federal Reserve Beige Book(ie. talking to local auto dealers, temporary help/employment placement co's, appliance mfgs., economist at a steel co., 'a great realtor'), but also sounded a bit quaint, and helter-skelter. Guest admitted it is not a large sample, a statistically perfect sample, even though he believed getting regular info. from 'people you trust' was helpful. Points out to me, even with a giant budget the Fed(or any govt. body) simply should not be making the sort of decisions they are empowered to do with very inexact data metrics. Also, the guest did not go into politics and decisions on what makes it into each edition of the Beige Book.
    3)Would have liked the guest to talk more about Fed operations in terms of efficacy, relevance, need. If there was no Central Bank would the world collapse?

    So maybe you need him back for a full hour, serving up some harder hitting questions he is willing to answer.

    1. We never had a central bank prior to the FED being foisted on Congress.....we could do very nicely without having to be indebted to the power brokers of Wall Street (the major bankers). Their game is rigged. We will NEVER get out from under them.

    2. The world would not "collapse" without the Central Bank. Most likely, after the chaos, it would flourish.

    3. you stated>>>>>The world would not "collapse" without the Central Bank. Most likely, after the chaos, it would flourish

      are you aware that our government is suppose to be printing our money, and there is to be NO interest on the debt.

      You heard that right! It is and was illegal for congress to abdicate its authority to print the money. If our Government did its job, we would only pay back the principal and have NO interest added.

      If I were President, i would fire the FRB, zero out the balance. No money has been used, only the debit and credit ledgers. o the credit side and o the debit side.
      Then have banks and commerece continue as normal. Nothing would change except that the trillionaires would not get their interest pymts, and That would be like us getting a 100 dollar hit. no real harm done, they can absorb it with very little inconvience.

      Read "the creature from jeckyll island" if your not aware of this.

      The jesuits (vatican) pizza lovers, are behind the NWO debacle.

      I could write a book on it.

      kick out the FRB zero out the interst

  4. You can download the mp3 by saving this link:

  5. where can I get a transcript?

  6. WHO made unusual currency transactions?

  7. You can watch 9/11: Press for Truth here (that's the doc Bergman mentions in the interview). It's an old doc but anyone that has not seen it, should.

    1. Thx for providing the link, Frank. I hope people see your recommendation. That was a moving film.

    2. No problem. If you haven't seen, the "Architects & Engineers" presentation yet, it is worth watching as well...

      Short Version: Focuses on WTC7

      Full, 2-Hour Presentation