Thursday, July 26, 2012

Would the U.S. Post Office Ever Think of This?

File Under: Free market cleverness to the rescue

Der Spiegel reports:
Those who have to remain mobile in London during the Olympics are well-advised to rethink their strategy. The German package delivery service DHL, for example, plans to shut down part of its London delivery fleet, knowing that traffic will be moving even slower in the downtown area than at the typical snail's pace of 11 kilometers per hour (7 miles per hour). Instead, DHL plans to have extremely fit jogging couriers making package deliveries during the games.


  1. Completely off subject:
    The movie "Adaptation" is hilarious.

  2. Rally off subject and actually a question for RW:
    I have noticed that the REAL moves for gold occur at like 6:00AM EST. I guess this the London opening?
    So are the moves for gold (and silver) determined in The City???
    No need to post.

    1. London open = 3AM.
      7/26 move was due to Draghi's comments around 6:30. (see Euro spike 6:30-6:31)
      I see no correlation of real moves always starting at 6AM in reviewing past month data. Usually volume is low at 6AM EST compared to 8A-1P.
      Sometimes moves start at 6A, sometimes 12A, sometimes 11A. It all depends.

  3. Bicycle couriers would be more efficient.

    I have seen bicycles in Asia, baskets in front and rear, carrying OUTRAGEOUS loads.

    I saw one once carrying a full-size REFRIGERATOR(full size for Asia...about half as wide as a US-Standard or about the size you get in 'extended stay' hotels).

    They'd inserted a metal tube that was the same height as the 'fridge into the bicycle frame where the seat would normally go. Then they tied the 'fridge to the tube, with the 'fridge's base resting on a platform over the rear wheel.

    The 'courier' then pedaled from a standing position in front of the tube. His assistant sat on the platform over the front wheel to counter-balance the load.

    Unloading was done by the assistant balancing the bicycle and preventing the front from rising, while the rider stabilized the 'fridge, pulled pin from the rear platform to allow a hinging action, and finally removed the vertical pole from the seat receptacle. Then the rider would continue to stabilize the 'fridge as the assistant slowly allowed the front wheel of the bike to rise - using the bicycle itself as a lever to lower the 'fridge to the ground.

    I've seen scooters in Korea delivering things I'd hesitate to put in anything smaller than a full-size pickup.

  4. i dun blame DHL for shutting down service, asian bicycle couriers carry every think from kitchen sink to refrigerator, its lame excuse of DHL.