Sunday, August 12, 2012

Billionaire Soros Engaged at 82

The evil billionaire George Soros is to marry again at age 82 after getting engaged to girlfriend Tamiko Bolton, reports NyPo's Page Six.

A source told Page Six, “George planned a surprise announcement to his assembled friends and family at his birthday party last night. He told them he and Tamiko are engaged and plan to marry next summer in Southampton.” Guests at the party included Blackstone’s Byron Wien.

According to NyPo, Bolton is the daughter of a Japanese-American nurse and a retired naval commander and grew up in California. She has  MBA from the University of Miami and works as a consultant in health care and education. She started an Internet-based dietary supplement and vitamin-sales company and, more recently, a Web-based yoga-education platform.

The engagement ring Soros gave Bolton,  according toreports, is a Graff diamond in a platinum setting on a rose gold band. Bolton is 40.

Soros is twice divorced.


  1. Aw, I get that fuzzy feeling whenever I read about true love blossoming. I bet George's kids are delighted.

  2. "A man may be a fool and not know it, but not if he is married."
    -HL Mencken

  3. "hey Tamiko, there an apartment in Manhatten I'll give you if you do this thing for me"

  4. Let's see how do you spell that? Oh yeah - G O L D I G ... He's just got to make it till next summer. Odds???

  5. This is good news for the supplements business. Obama's FDA might think twice about banning them if George's wife were to be effected.

    1. Are you kidding? This makes it more likely that they'll go after supplements that compete with her. Billionaires don't ask the government to stay out of the way. They ask them to put a boot on the neck of their competitors.

  6. Old George must have gotten a prosthesis...

  7. Right @Sean O. Before he met her, he felt there was too much anarchy and uncertainty in global market for supplements, and thought there should be an supra national agency in charge of taxing and regulating the supplement market in order to bring about more safety. In the pre-smitten Soros world, why a pharmacist and doctor should be consulted before any FDA approved supplements could be sold. LOL!

  8. I am quite sure that the woman gave Soros an ultimatum. Marry me or I'm out of here. I'm not going to open my legs for you for pittance. I want it all or I'm gone.

  9. I just threw up a little