Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jesse Benton to Administer Ritalin to Ron Paul Delegates

The sellout is complete.

A stand off between Ron Paul supporters and the Republican National Committee over convention delegates appears to be easing, and both sides are close to announcing a deal that could help avoid a potentially embarrassing moment for Mitt Romney on the day he receives the GOP presidential nomination, reports CNN.

The deal, which is expected to be announced Tuesday afternoon, will seat more Paul delegates at next week's Republican National Convention, an act that could help prevent an organized effort by Paul supporters to try and bring Monday's opening session to a grinding halt.

The full details of "the deal" must be horrific, since Jesse Benton is now giving quotes to CNN about the deal anonymously:
"This is a major step towards peace and good will on the convention floor," said a Paul source familiar with the negotiations. The source spoke on the condition of anonymity because the deal had not yet been made public.
Just why can't there be a bit of rowdiness on the convention floor against Romney, Ryan, warmongers and banksters?  Hey Ron Paul delegates are you just going to sit there and take your Jesse Benton administered Ritalin?

(Via LewRockwell.com)


  1. I guess I could one of them. Ritalin? I'd take it!

  2. RW: "Hey Ron Paul delegates are you just going to sit there and take your Jesse Benton administered Ritalin?"

    I'm pretty sure they won't listen to a single word Benton has to say, especially if it contradicts what they intend to do -- which is to try to nominate Ron Paul. Most of them are well aware that Benton is a fraud and a sellout.

    Nothing is going to stop the Ron Paul delegates, short of having their mics cut off and/or some other (more violent) police-state tactics, which I fully expect are part of the RNC's contingency plan (most of the delegates appear to believe this too). From what I've read, not even Ron Paul himself could convince them NOT to try to nominate him.

    Read the reader comments on this DailyPaul article. Two of the commenters (so far) even approvingly mention your above (Ritalin) article.

  3. Is the Paul Organisation the new Cato?

  4. Jesse Rocks !
    RepubliCAN !

    1. right up to the moment when a senator opened his mouth on rape.

  5. Jesse Benton’s delusions of grandeur include the arrogance of negotiating on our behalf without talking to us Ron Paul National Delegates. I hope he enjoys the feeling of importance while it lasts, because when we do our own thing he’ll look like the bozo to those establishment Republicans he’s been sucking up too lately.

  6. For a minute there, I thought this was a joke.