Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Daily Kos on Brandon Raub

There has not been much outrage about the Brandon Raub grab:, from the right or the left,  but Sywtsar at Daily Kos gets it:
As a lifelong progressive, there is lots about Raub I disagree with, but I don't know that I can say that his posts were an example of a clear and present danger.  To me, he seems a bit deluded, but didn't appear to be so deluded that he could present a danger to himself or others.
With my Marxist tendencies, I have often said "eat the rich," and made allusions to revolution myself on Facebook.  My blog is even called "So You Want to Start a Revolution."  But it would appear for some, the government feels there is no difference now between talking about revolution or violence and going on a shooting spree. 
 I have said stupid things on Facebook and online (and in person, too), but I would hope that no one would look to me as a terrorist.  And I am positive I am not the only one.  And I will vociferously defend Raub's right to say stupid things anywhere as well, even though I think he may be a complete twit.  
But this is chilling, that any person, anyone of us, could be labelled a terrorist because we said something ill-conceived on Facebook or on our blogs, or on twitter.  There is a huge difference between words and actions.  But to the authorities, that would appear to no longer matter.   I hope that Raub, although unfortunate, was the isolated overreaction of law enforcement made extremely paranoid from two other terrorist acts committed earlier this month and that Raub gets the opportunity to clear his name and is able to obtain some sort of compensation.
If not, then it could mean that our government means to silence us all.  And permanently.


  1. There has not been much outrage because people don't want to get hauled off to a psych ward themselves.

  2. I'm not defending what happened with Raub, but I think there is an important distinction between Raub and Sywtsar of Daily Kos. Raub was a Marine and Sywtsar is just another SWPL Marxist. Marines don't have their fighting reputation for nothing. One well trained Marine is capable off significant leadership as well as death and destruction. SWPL marxists are usually not proletariat working in trades and manual labor, but pampered princes.

    Thus, the important distinction. Former Marines who fought in unjust wars who write about the evils of tyrannical government are influential to right leaning Americans and actually dangerous to the state. SWPL pansies are just that.

  3. The comments in that post are painful to read... but the post itself was good to hear.

  4. Using psychiatry as an arm of the State for detention was discussed 20 Nov 2008 on The Lewrockwell Show: