Monday, September 3, 2012

Are African-Americans "brainwashed"?

An African-American friend and who has supported Ron Paul emails:
Here's an interesting topic for EPJ.

As I sit here in Asia looking at things in the states, I can say that Americans - definitely many African Americans (AA) - are brainwashed. What's more amazing is that it's the so-called educated AA who seem to be the most brainwashed.

I ended up wasting an hour of my skype credit talking to an educated black fool about the upcoming elections. Stats illustrated that blacks are doing the worst under Obama - compared to other racial groups. This woman could not give me one concrete reason why she was going to vote for O again - but was trying to convince me to do so. She even got pissed off when I told her with absolute certainty that I can't support O this time around.

If you post this, don't post my name. I have countless AA "friends" who are pissed with me, already - some even stopped speaking to me. They are like sheep being led to the slaughter.

Please note, while the speaker in this video, Emory University political science professor Andra Gillespie provides some interesting insights into African-American thinking, she clearly does not fully grasp that jobs are created in a free market, since she makes the point that President Obama is now attempting to create jobs.


  1. This is obvious to anyone who has bothered to be intellectually honest with themselves about the topic.

    Black Americans are the singularly most racist group within the entire United States. They are also the least capable group within the United States as well. This leads to them blaming everyone else (but especially white people) for their own failures, despite their own failures being glaringly obviously their own fault.

    I see more and more white people slowly waking up to the fact that is not only white racism towards blacks nothing remotely as it is depicted in the media, but truly black to white racism is approaching a crescendo.

    As soon as we stop buying the B.S. catch all excuse of "racism" and force blacks to actually put up or shut up, black culture will begin to improve in the United States.

    1. And what makes you think it's appropriate to blame poor, uneducated Black Americans for what the government has trained them to believe, beliefs which have been so long ingrained in them that they are now self-enforcing?

      As Carter G. Woodson tried desperately to warn Black Americans of at the looming school integration:

      "If you can control a man's thinking you do not have to worry about his action. When you determine what a man shall think you do not have to concern yourself about what he will do. If you make a man feel that he is inferior, you do not have to compel him to accept an inferior status, for he will seek it himself. If you make a man think that he is justly an outcast, you do not have to order him to the back door. He will go without being told, and if there is no back door, his very nature will demand one."

    2. I blame the blacks that commit crimes and subscribe to thug culture. I don't really care if they are responding to broken government incentives. They are still bad, evil people and should be treated like the animals they are.

    3. Haha if you are talking about bad and evil, let's talk about the race that enslaves africans, murders indians, detains the japanese, and raped them all along the way. You are ignorant. And probably old. And like all old ignorant people, you need to die. This world is no longer fit for you.

  2. Disclaimer: I'm an African-American libertarian (not the same person who submitted this email).

    There is an excellent article on from Robert Wicks (who's also an African-American) that is a very accurate description of black people's relationship with the federal government and why libertarianism has not taken much root in the African-American community.

    1. I did not particularly like that piece. He avoided any mention of the criminal thug culture which has become pervasive amongst black youth over the past 3-5 decades, strongly correlating with the inception of the Great Society programs. Black people have been struck by an attack that is possibly the most devastating attack that can be levied against any living organism. They have been given free and unearned charity. Give any organism free and unearned charity long enough and they become completely dependent on it, and rotten to the core.

      Unfortunately when the federal government's spending issues really come home to roost the massive government charity dollars that flow to blacks will be heavily reduced or completely cut off. That will spark enormous amounts of crime and violence in those previously dependent upon the charity. Sadly most of the guns in this country are owned by white people in the suburbs and rural areas. It won't take long for the threat of black crime to be recognized and any goons coming out of the cities will be met with a wall of gunfire.

      Charity is the greatest weapon ever devised by man. Why else would the US government give so much charity around the world?

  3. As someone who grew up "on the street" by choice, not ability; I must heartily agree with this author.
    Back in the '70's, I even had a black roommate who I respected for his sense of humor and fairness. HOWEVER, when we passed on the street, if he was with ANY "Bruthas" he would not even give me a hello or acknowledge that I had spoken to him. Even alone he was wary of being seen speaking to me.
    Since then, I have met many fine Black people (mostly thru my work)
    who evinced no color preference at all. Perhaps it was thru my determination to serve all of my customers equally, but my wife and I were invited into most of their homes, and broke bread with them as well, AT THEIR INVITATION! I've had some of the best evenings of my life with "people of color," because color was not an issue. Hell, the Pastor who married my 2nd wife and I was so black that he was purple! We also invited to worship with him and his congregation in a part of Corpus Christi that the Police were afraid to enter, and were made to feel welcome indeed BY THE ENTIRE CONGREGATION!
    Today, I see President Husein doing his damnedest to divide and ruin all of the progresses that have been made over the last 50 years. Through his actions and hate-filled speeches, he is seeking to bring back the "bad old days" of the late '60's and '70's by promoting racial division in the days when "racial equality" are becoming badly misused, and a "backlash" mentality is necessarily being spawned once more.

  4. What horseshit.
    The brainwashed people in America are the Jews, who are themselves most engaged in brainwashing minorities to join them as an effective group against the white majority.
    Now that the Jewish groups have got what they wanted and their power is unchallenged, they are joining the white majority to kick their previous allies, by proxy.

    This blog would never ask far more explosive questions like that.
    Why not point out that whites have voted for white candidates for every election except one in their nation's history, but have the awful nerve to blame blacks for voting for a black one, when blacks have voted overwhelmingly for white men.

    This agenda is easily visible. This blog routinely beats up on blacks, stays silent about other colored folks, except Muslims, who are somewhat power-sharers (via the Saudis and their connections to the oligarchs) with the whites, except at a lesser level.

    Is there one colored person voicing their OWN opinoions who actually gets a voice like whites routinely get? I don't think so.
    Unless like Sowell or D'Souza they routinely beat up on their own people and thus make whites feel good about themselves.

    The people most guilty of brainwashing others and rewriting history in their favor are white people and no one else.

    This blog is a fine example of it.

    1. What a stupid reply. If you want to attack jews you should at least attempt to provide some evidence for your attack.

      Also if you are going to lie about elected leaders you should do a better job. Whites have been voting for blacks for decades in any number of offices from mayor/city council all the way up to Congress. Never for president since no black has ever run for president.

      Blacks on the other hand routinely vote for black leadership over white leadership, even in the face of overwhelming superiority of a white candidate.

      If whites were as racist as you claim half of them would not have voted for Obama in 08.

    2. How did Jews get to be part of the discussion? Jews are generally liberal and support minorities and income redistribution. I have asked many Jewish friends why this is so and have yet to receive a good answer. A few have said that Jews think Caucasians are their enemies so they side with anyone who is also an "enemy" of Caucasians. Like all liberals, Jews espouse income redistribution but hire the best tax accountants and lawyers to minimize their own taxes.

      I think many blacks and hispanics view Caucasians as their enemies. I know many Indian (i.e., Asian) friends who tell me that they still harbor a grudge against Anglo-Saxons (and by extension any Caucasian) because of alleged mistreatment during the British occupation of India. Funny the the British built the Indian educational system which has been the foundation of their resurgence.

      I think Caucasian men are generally the least popular people in the world, at least among other groups and many therefore adopt liberal beliefs in an attempt to be more likeable.

    3. Wow I’m going to complement you on your statement.You cut right through the BS and told it like it is.I feel in the last 100 years whites have been the least racist of anyone on the planet.One half million whites died for the blacks and they still have a problem with us.I’m not thrilled by their behavior after the fact .Racism is a lie made up by fat Karl Marx along with equality and feminism .Social engineering is evil,more evil than alleged racism in my opinion .

  5. Anonymous, I was just wondering, when did AA become the racists in America? Was it right after slavery? Maybe during or right after the Civil Rights movement? Was in the 80's and 90's when we clearly began to own everything and started disenfranchising the 'white' population? When do you suggest is the ideal time to apologize to Europe for slavery and our continued exploitation of their resources? I, personally, want to apologize for discriminating on you for so many years and not letting you get a quality education in the South. What I will do is suggest to my black majority to at least allow for you to elect one white president and than maybe we'll be even.....huh....what do say. Fair?

    1. Don't know when the rampant racism amongst blacks began, although I would guess that it began some point not too long after the Great Society programs were initiated.

      Since you think that you are being clever by being snarky I will tell you that you and the rest of the black population in the United States can apologize for the trillions of dollars in entitlements, free education, and free jobs that they have taken at the expense of everyone else in this country. They can also apologize for the extraordinary amount of violent crime that they currently commit.

      Do you have a justification for the trillions wasted on attempting to elevate the status of blacks, only to result in an ever larger percentage of violent crime being committed by black males?

      How is giving blacks so much money despite the fact that it has clearly been nothing but wasted anything but racist?

  6. So she just said that blacks will vote for the candidate that gives them more free shit in so many words.What an insult to the black community. Basically she said blacks have a Herd mentality and they all stick together.WOW isn’t that RACIST ??????

  7. @Anonymous at 2.12.
    Agreed one hundred percent, but in a financial blog it's understandable. It wouldn't survive otherwise.