Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Faux Native American Elizabeth Warren Now Leads Scott Brown

Elizabeth Warren, hater of free markets, who, during the peak of the financial crisis, wanted to nationalize the entire banking system (as if it isn't nationalized enough) is now leading Scott Brown in the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts.

Public Policy Polling reports:
Things have been going Elizabeth Warren's way in the Massachusetts Senate race over the last month. She's gained 7 points and now leads Scott Brown 48-46 after trailing him by a 49-44 margin on our last poll.

Warren's gaining because Democratic voters are coming back into the fold. Last month she led only 73-20 with Democrats. Now she's up 81-13. That explains basically the entire difference between the two polls. There are plenty of Democrats who like Scott Brown- 29% approve of him- but fewer are now willing to vote for him. That's probably because of another finding on our poll- 53% of voters want Democrats to have control of the Senate compared to only 36% who want Republicans in charge. More and more Democrats who may like Brown are shifting to Warren because they don't like the prospect of a GOP controlled Senate.


  1. I'll believe th epolls when they match the electin outcome. There are too many D+7 polls out there attempting to skew public perspective.

  2. Yea, let's go full retard and let the Dems get complete control again! Personally I could careless who wins the WH so long as enough of the other guys exist to prevent either from getting their agenda jammed through.

  3. Instead of 'Faux Native American', we should start calling her 'Former Native American'

  4. Scott Brown's radio ads are pathetic.
    He is harping on bipartisan crap, "equal pay" nonsense and stuff like that.
    This news is no surprise.
    Fauxahontas meanwhile is talking about fighting for the middle class. EPJ readers know this is crap, but based on this article it's working.

  5. Breaks my heart that a faux fiscal conservative may lose his Senate seat.

    If he does, I hope Rand takes note.

    May Elizabeth Warren win, so as to strike fear in, and return common sense to, Republicans.