Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chinese General: Prepare for Combat

China’s most powerful military leader, in an unusual public statement, last week ordered military forces to prepare for combat, as Chinese warships deployed to waters near disputed islands and anti-Japan protests throughout the country turned violent, reports the Free Beacon.

Gen. Xu Caihou, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, considered the most senior military political commissar, said Friday that military forces should be “prepared for any possible military combat,” state run Xinhua news agency reported.

Protests against the Japanese government’s purchase of three privately held islands in the Senkakus chain led to mass street protests, the burning of Japanese flags, and attacks on Japanese businesses and cars in several cities. Some carried signs that read “Kill all Japanese,” and “Fight to the Death” over disputed islands. One sign urged China to threaten a nuclear strike against Japan.

China claims the islands as its territory and calls them the Diaoyu islands.

Last week, following the Japanese government’s purchase of three of the Senkakus from private Japanese owners, six Chinese maritime security ships were deployed near the Senkaku islands, further heightening tensions.


  1. Not surprised.

    Last time I was in China in 2005, there were a lot of anti-Japanese propaganda movies on TV. They were typically WW2 pictures that looked like they were made in the 1950's (China 1950's, not Hollywood 1950's).

  2. China needs to distract its population from their own economic malaise and downturn that will soon engulf them. Governments always start wars when the economy tanks. Otherwise, the populace will turn on the government for their mismanagement. It's happening all over the world. We must pray that this fraud will not happen, otherwise the world will soon be engulfed in war.