Friday, September 28, 2012

For a Bunch of New Friends I Met Last Night

Here are the examples of Paul Krugman not understanding basic economics:

Paul Krugman Doesn't Know His...

How Sad Is This? Krugman Doesn't Even Understand the Broken Window Fallacy

Here's all the stuff on Paul Ryan: The Truth About Paul Ryan

Here's my interview of Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson: How Libertarian is Gary Johnson


  1. Comments section on the Johnson post-
    Johnson = Bad because he mentioned Friedman, Reason, Cato
    Rothbardians....Gods way of disproving evolution?

    1. No, he's bad because he basically name-dropped a bunch of well known libertarian names without demonstrating any real knowledge of libertarian ideas.

    2. " without demonstrating any real knowledge of libertarian ideas"My guess is one of those libertarian ideas is paying hundreds of billions of dollars into debt to pay for the military budget(Ron Paul). Damm Johnson for not sucking up to the military, funny that's were Paul gets alot of his donations from, maybe that's why he doesn't want to cut as much from it as Johnson.