Thursday, September 27, 2012

Security Theater Marches On With TSA "Freeze Drills"

By, Chris Rossini
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The TSA has a new trick up it's sleeve. It's called the "freeze drill".

The person who captured the video below only caught the last 30 seconds of it, but you can clearly see what is happening.

Here's how the individual described it:
At Phoenix, Arizona's airport, WITHIN the "secured" area of the gates, I suddenly found myself in a bunch of travelers who were being sharply told to "STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! DON'T MOVE!". A TSA employee was pointing his blue-gloved hand at anyone who moved a muscle (including airport workers) and barking these orders. Beyond him were two other agents doing the same thing to everyone in a 90-degree radius. The tension was rather palpable, as you might imagine. No explanation was given, no other words were spoken. No one moved a muscle. Parents grabbed their children. Anyone who fidgeted or made a step forward got yelled at.

Two minutes or so later, Mr. Gloved Hand brusquely waved everyone about their business (as seen in the tape). I only managed to capture the final 30 seconds or so of the incident.

After this, I walked into the terminal intersection they had cut off, expecting to see someone in handcuffs, face down on the carpet with a bunch of cops on him. Or at least ONE single police officer or security guard... but there were none. There was NO incident happening, whatsoever. And everyone went onwards to their gates.


  1. Wonder what would happen if you were to ignore such a request. Wouldn't you need to be suspected of a crime in order to be detained?

  2. I had to deal with the same thing at LAX in August. Both flying out and in. Same exact situation, everyone told to freeze for a minute or so and then told to go back to normal after that. Just fucking with us. I couldn't help myself and ignored them both times. I immediately started going through my bag, and telling everyone how fucked up it was that they think we are trained seals who have to bow to their tyranny. It probably would have been smarter to just stand still and remain silent like everyone else, but I couldn't take it, and luckily they ignored the fact that I wasn't obeying their BS commands.

  3. Nutbags. This is just getting funnier by the day.

  4. Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill

  5. Japan they just put the cattle in a raised sling, feed them, massage them every day and give them a drink before they get slaughtered.

  6. It's easier to just enslave all the lawful citizens because the criminals won't be affected anyway. There's no slippery slope here. It's basically a dive to the bottom. Me I would have kept on going on my Merry way, I don't fear these idiots.

  7. PSYOPS.

    They must have fascist psychologists on the payroll, just like in 1930s Germany.