Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hillary Still Trying To Find The "Internet Gatekeeper" Angle

By, Chris Rossini
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If there's one thing you can say about the Clinton's, it's that they think long-term and have patience.

HillaryCare was a bit early, but ObamaCare is coming in 2014...same difference.

Hillary has also been Senator & Secretary of State. So she's only a hop, skip, and a jump away from being President; where she can really unleash some whoop-ass on everyone.

But, in the meantime, there's the problem of the Internet. Way too much freedom there.

Many will recall 1998, when the Lewinsky debacle broke on The Drudge Report. Hillary said in response:
“We’re all going to have to rethink how we deal with the Internet. As exciting as these new developments are, there are a number of serious issues without any kind of editing function or gatekeeping function…"
Bill, naturally, is on board as well. He recently called for a Ministry of Truth to help squash all the political 'rumors' on The Net.

And now most recently, The Heritage Foundation gives us this nugget from Hillary:
Clinton claimed that “both the United States and China are victims of cyber attacks. Intellectual property, commercial data, national security information is being targeted.… This is an issue of increasing concern to the business community and the government of the United States, as well as many other countries, and it is vital that we work together to curb this behavior.”
You can be sure that if the U.S. works with China and "many other countries" to stop cyber attacks, everyone will fall into the net as a possible target....Think cyber pat-downs.

The Clinton Bus keeps rollin'...rollin'...rollin'.


  1. Hegemonic power players don't like being challenged.

    Then there's the money making opportunity:

  2. There's a curious pair of young entrepreneurs trying to marry government and businesses around terrorism. They specifically cite the threat of cyber-terrorism in a Fox News interview:

    Two kids not long out of college landed President George W. Bush last year and President Bill Clinton will headline this year's event. Guess what else they do? They manage the careers of retired politicians, many of which end up on the business side.

  3. There is an easy, REALLY easy way to keep hackers out of any computer:

    Don't put it on the internet.