Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obamacare: 18 Pages to Find Out If You Work Full-Time

By, Chris Rossini
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Oh yeah...this is going to work out well:
In the latest indication of how complicated putting the Affordable Care Act into action will be, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Internal Revenue Service issued 18-pages of regulations just to describe what a "full-time employee" is.
You know that sinking feeling you get when you find out you have to go to the DMV, jury duty, the Social Security Office? You realize you have to block out half the day to deal with the ultra-friendly public servants.

Well, best stay healthy...Going to the doctor's office is on deck.

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  1. You really need to put the FULL post in your RSS feed. Seriously.

  2. Going to a doctor's office already gives me a sinking feeling. I don't know whether I am going to be treated by a physician or a nurse pratitioner. If it is the nurse I still pay the same rate. If it is the doctor I will be rushed through the examination with little attention actually paid to what I tell him is wrong with my body. He will then order unnecessary tests and charge a price that is way out of range with his level of experience and education. He will be resentful that he is not already a millionaire and will treat me as a customer not a human being who has gotten ill or has had an accident.

    Doctors no longer pursue a vocation to help people. It seems almost all of the latest graduates of medical schools simply want to be wealthy as quickly as possible.

    1. The joke will be on them. Since ObamaCare (like other forms of socialized medicine) declares healthcare to be a "right", then it follows that those in the healthcare industry are slaves; we have an open-ended "right" to their efforts.

      Real unalienable rights (per the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights) give you latitude to act but do not impose on others. Blame FDR for the idea that food, clothing, shelter, etc are "rights".

    2. I got news for you - even before O-care becoming a MD is not the ticket it once was. The corporations that run medicine these days are giving us a taste of what it will be like, because they are all about metrics, not helping people...stay tuned for more of the same and in increased severity.

      The only thing anyone can guarantee with Obamacare is that everyone from the top neurosurgeon to the guy who empties bedpans will work harder and make less money.

    3. The continuing attack on physicians continues to reduce the quality of care. I did not go into medicine to get rich. There are docs that certainly do that. 4 years college,4 years medical school, 3-8 year residencies and even longer for fellowships and constant exams and credentialing. A nurse 2-4 years after college? Sure his/her nursing care will cost you less. So wil their malpractice and educational loans.

    4. I too am a physician and agree completely with the other physician. Most physicians do not go through all the schooling....and the huge expense to get rich. On the other hand there should be some incentive. Now doctors order all kinds of tests...many which may seem unnecessary for liability reasons just in case by a remote chance it might show something. For if we don't order it and it MIGHT have shown something then next thing you know there's a lawsuit.
      Want to lower the cost of healthcare? Then cap what attorneys can make on a case....it's what they are already doing to physicians.

  3. AMEN to the Docs. Lawyers are simply leeches on a society. They do nothing positive for production in the country, and they constantly feed off of it. They should be listed as a number in the "welfare statistics".

  4. One thing Obamacare will do is make Doctors and Nurses leave medicine. There comes a point in a person life where they get sick and tired of dealing with all the nonsense. What's funny about Obamacare is that is is supposed to help those that can't afford medicine, but ironically it will end up hurting them. Best advice I can give a Doctor or Nurse is become a better investor.

  5. Lawyers are what really wrecked everything in this country.
    I think physicians should have a right to deny them care and send them to a vet. instead.
    Congress is full of Lawyers. They are destroying our country.
    I also think they should limit law licenses.
    There are too many out there so they have to look for work to screw people instead of getting a legitimate
    They should also have a One day a year where it' legalto hunt for them to thin the herd out.
    Then anyone who wants to be a Lawyer should have to wait until someone retires so they can purchase their license.
    Law licenses should be controlled in numbers just like liquor licenses are.
    I mentioned to a doctor in my group about paying cash for service and she said she would bring it up in her next meeting.
    Hang in their Doc's. We WILL put an end to this Obamacare.
    I know it's really just a way to euthanize the old and imperfect. Mengele would be proud of this thing.