Thursday, September 27, 2012

Peikoff Smackdown

Dan Cotter emails:
I'm sure you would've seen this sooner or later, if you haven't already, but I know you love D. Gordon smack downs, so I figured you would really enjoy his smack down of Peikoff.
Indeed, David goes deep with this one. He smacks Peikoff down on his views of the Iliad, Oedipus Rex, the Middle Ages, the Romanticists, Bentham, Mill  and Newton!


  1. I've read DIM. It's damned good. Even though I think Peikoff stretched his case in a few places, his theory is compelling. His writing has matured (it's less entertaining, less polemical), and this book will make its mark over time. Meanwhile, Wenzel sneers, and the libertarian - Objectivist - conservative divide grows ever more detrimental for everyone.

  2. Aaaaand another theist attack on an atheist, using "ur philosophy is crap" as a cover.


  3. Gordon writes:

    "In the Middle Ages, we learn, "Science, largely unknown to the medievals, was of little interest to them" (p. 234). Can Peikoff be serious? What has happened, e.g., to Buridan on the theory of impetus? Has he so much as glanced at such standard authors as Anneliese Meier, Marshall Claggett, A.C. Crombie, and Edward Grant, not to mention Pierre Duhem?"

    It's typical that a theist would defend the dark ages against scientific criticism.

    I'm buying Piekoff's book just because Gordon is taking a dump on it. It must be good!

    Keep it up Mises Institute! Keep employing this loser to spread theistic agitprop, so that we can spread good atheistic writings!

  4. I'm not sure why you and Lew Rockwell keep calling this a "smack down," it's not really even an accurate description of Gordon's review no matter what "side" you take.

    Gordon doesn't really "go deep" into the book, not sure where you're getting that from. He is generally complimentary of Peikoff's project, but provides a few examples here and there which seem to be counterexamples of Peikoff's thesis. Okay, fair points all around. Now why do you have to post saying it was some sort of "smack down" and Rockwell claimed it was totally "disassembled." ...What?