Thursday, September 6, 2012

Robert Rubin, Former Treasury Secretary, Falls Into Swimming Pool At DNC Party

Robert Rubin, the Treasury secretary during Bill Clinton's presidency, tumbled into a Ritz-Carlton hotel pool Wednesday around 8 p.m. The pool was next to a happy hour party that began 90 minutes earlier and was attended by top White House officials and Wall Street big-wigs, HuffPo reports.

Rubin was said to handle the fall well.

The Ritz-Carlton party was hosted by Jane Hartley, Tony James, Orin Kramer, Reggie Love and Janet Cowell.

BTW: A lot of the concern that Bill Clinton raised about interest rates probably was the result of input from Rubin, who has written several op-ed pieces about the debt.


  1. The dude needs to stay away from Ritz Carlton Hotels. He does not seem to get lucky there.

    "What a relief to have a plan for this Halloween. Just told the wife... Instead of bobbing for apples, we're going to "Bob for Rubins". I told her, get one of those round metal washtubs. I'll decorate it like the Ritz Carlton. Should be a big hit with anyone who comes dressed as Iris Mack."

  2. Alternate headline: "Crony capitalist is all wet."

  3. I am shocked!!! You mean someone actually fished him out???

  4. He got pushed in a pool? Well....good!