Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Schumer: If you want war with Iran, Obama's your Man

By, Chris Rossini
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Place your bets ladies and gentlemen. Who's more likely to go to war with Iran?

N.Y. Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer makes the pitch for Obama. The Daily Caller quotes:
“He has made it clear that he will not support a nuclear Iran. He has made clear that the policy of containment is not a good policy. And I’ll tell you this on Iran, and I’ve said this to a couple of Romney supporters who agree, that if the sanctions fail, and military action is warranted, a re-elected President Obama is far more likely to launch that kind of military action, probably in concert with Israel, than would Mitt Romney. Because Mitt Romney will be new, he’ll have a whole domestic agenda.”
The very fact that Schumer even has to make this pitch is quite telling.

Let's not forget who's in the other corner. Romney has chips from Sheldon Adelson and Wall Street.

And listed as foreign advisors, he has:
  • Henry Kissinger (Nixon's Secretary of State)
  • James Baker (George H.W. Bush's Secretary of State)
  • George Shultz (Reagan's Secretary of State)
  • Richard Williamson (George W. Bush's Assistant Secretary of State)
  • Cofer Black (former CIA official, former vice president of Blackwater International)
  • Eliot Cohen (George W. Bush's State Department official)
  • Paula Dobriansky (George W. Bush's State Department official)
  • John Bolton (George W. Bush's former UN ambassador)
  • John Lehman (Reagan's Secretary of the Navy)

This is not to say that Obama wouldn't go to war, but if you're a betting man, it's tough not to place your chips on Romney as the next War President.


  1. Won't it be wonderful when we can put Romney's list of "foreign advisors" behind bars where they belong? It's like the Who's Who of the criminally insane...

    1. Yep. Nine more reasons not to support Romney. Bolton, in particular, is a black-hearted, blood thirsty, war mongering devil who just can't wait to send my kids to be blown to bits in some 3rd world sandbox at AIPAC's request.

  2. Chris, I enjoy your blog posts. One minor quibble: Don't use quotation marks (single or double) in the headline unless the text is a direct quotation. Paraphrasing is fine but it shouldn't be placed in quotes.

    1. Thank you.

      Very good suggestion...I removed the single quotes from the headline.

      Thanks for speaking up.

  3. What's with the title saying Obama's the Man if you want war with Iran, then concluding that Romney is the War President?