Friday, September 21, 2012

Walter Mossberg Reviews the IPhone 5

Ten million people around the world will buy Apple's new iPhone 5 this weekend. WSJ's Walter Mossberg explains what they will be getting:


  1. A month after this big introduction seems like the perfect time to short Apple stock.

    I believe it was Jobs that single handedly took them to where they are....there is no one to replace him and his creative genius.

    Between the loss of Jobs and the ongoing global ecnomic meltdown I don't see how Apple can continue to grow when their major source of new products is dead and their customers globally are getting poorer...

    I don't think Apple stock will crash...I just don't see how growth continues long term.

    Shorting Facebook 1 week after its IPO was a great move for me.

  2. I wonder who the Apple-sent redactor of his review was and how much money this dishonest figure (mossberg - soft green plant on a mass of ice) received for his claptrap.

    bigger and smaller at the same time!

    screen size:
    3.5 inches vertically
    4 inches diagonally

    Since the phone is taller than its predecessors some people might also have to buy new clothes with deeper pockets.

    best overall smartphone! overall? compare apples and oranges at different prices?

    He got paid and his review was redacted by an Apple laborer.

    btw Starbucks is a sweatshop. I know now because their laborers use deodorants. I bet WSJ is a sweatshop as well.

  3. This is what you get when an older person does a review. It will always be the case that young people are ahead of the curve on these things. At one time Bill Gates was the cutting edge. Now MS is a dinosaur and their have missed out completely on the smartphone market as an example of this.

    The reviewer fails to mention anything about

    Call quality (antenna performance vs competitors)
    Camera performance
    Chip size (only 16G) with mose storage at a steep price
    Battery life, charging time etc.
    Audio quality from native speaker
    Screen performance ("Retina" vs LCD vs LED, AMOLED etc) glare performance, low light performance, bright light performance etc.
    Siri, voice commands, vs Android, voice texting? etc.
    Calendar and scheduling ease, voice appointments, notes, reminders, audio recording etc.
    Apple ecosystem vs Android (many paid apps vs free apps) (better app integration than Android ecosystem)
    number of hard buttons and intuitiveness of native apps

    And MUCH MUCH more. This is why the WSJ and NYT are dying on the vine. They have been succeeded by better information providers who ask relevant questions and know their subject matter. Go to any geek site from Gizmodo to CNET to the myriad of other techie sites. This WSJ review is WORTHLESS.