Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Gold Bug at Treasury in a Romney Administration?

I have finally found something to like about a potential Romney Administration. WaPo is throwing the name of Robert Zoellick as the top name for Treasury in an RA. Zoellick has always said positive things about gold and hinted to me last November that he considered gold a good investment.

On top of that neocons hate him! This summer Jennifer Rubin wrote:
A firestorm has broken out in conservative policy circles over the selection of former Bush foreign policy adviser Robert Zoellick as the transition chief for national security for the Romney campaign. Advisers close to the campaign have told Right Turn Zoellick is already working with the campaign and gathering team members...

For foreign policy hawks, Zoellick is an anathema. As the right hand man in the State Department and Treasury Department of James A, Baker, who was infamous for his anti-Israel stance, Zoellick acquired a reputation as ”soft” on China, weak on pressuring the Soviet Union at the close of the Cold War, opposed to the first Gulf War and unsupportive of the Jewish state...

And in 2011, Zoellick shocked foreign policy gurus by delivering a speech praising China, suggesting that it was a “responsible stakeholder” in Asia, at a time human rights abuses and aggressive conduct in Asia were bedeviling the Obama administration...

Multiple foreign policy hawks, some of whom have consulted with the Romney team, have voiced their complaints and concerns that Zoellick will color the entire Romney foreign policy apparatus.


  1. Sorry to sound so simple-minded, but anyone that Nazi Jennifer Rubin doesn't like, I like.

    Maybe among Romney's discussions with Ron Paul was arriving at Zoellick as a compromise for a Romney Administration?

  2. yawn...Zoelick is a piece of feces...just like the rest of them.

  3. Please tell me you're joking Bob, Zoellick? Previous head of World Bank and Chief of Goldman Sachs? Do you actually believe anything this man would say? Y'know Rockefeller is "a big fan of Hayek" too... I thought you would know better.

  4. Does Zoellick pay taxes?
    Or is he one of those "one set of rules for thee, a different set for me" types?

  5. Don't get too excited about these staists. Milton Friedman also gave the same fake perspective about the gold standard, and look at where he took us. He expounded a more illucid form of inflationary swindling.