Sunday, October 14, 2012

Obama and His Magic Wand

By, Chris Rossini
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I was just reading the latest from Washington's favorite number tumbler, Ezra Klein, and for some reason the following line jumped off the page:
Obama campaign officials insist that they have an agenda. They want to create a million new manufacturing jobs, hire 10th and science teachers, and require the rich to pay a bit more in taxes to protect our most important public investments.
Think about the numbers here...1 million manufacturing jobs...100,000 teachers.

These are completely arbitrary, and total nonsense.

Why stop there?

Surely, if a man can wave a magic wand to create 1 million jobs, what's to stop him from creating 2 million? Does Obama run out of pixie dust when the 1 million mark is reached?

Government creates absolutely nothing. And as I talked about yesterday, it does not concern itself with profits and losses. It is always throwing darts into a pitch black room.

How can such an institution create 1 million manufacturing jobs?

And another important question:

Manufacturing what?

Last week I pre-ordered the iPhone 5. I'll have it in a couple of weeks. A company like Apple knows the numbers. They can see right away what the demand looks like. They have a very good idea as what needs to be manufactured. Apple (and their suppliers) allocate hiring decisions, and resources appropriately.

Government does none of this...They just steal from A, and give to B. And the fact that B is getting money from government (and not from customers) tells you all you need to know about B.

I'll concede one thing to the government and Obama. The only thing that they do manufacture are droves of bureaucrats that, like roaches, make our lives miserable.

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