Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tidy Up The House - Government Is Moving In

By, Chris Rossini
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Make your bed, because government is moving in!

It needs a new challenge...and the target is your home.

Government can already watch you closely while you're nice and snug in its schools. Mandatory RFID chip tags are rolling out.

While you're at work, it's hand is in your pocket taking much of your earnings.

On your lunch break, it's making sure that you don't consume more than 16 oz. of soda at a time. Must have healthy citizens to work off the $16 Trillion in debt.

But it gets tricky when you get home. Government has a harder time keeping an eye on you.

Sure, much of what's in your home has been regulated to death by them. But that's yesterday's boring news.

It wants your behavior next.

What you do in your house can't be left to the chaos of liberty.

What if you do something unhealthy?

From Yahoo:
A San Francisco suburb on Monday banned smoking in duplexes, condominiums and other multi-family homes, with city leaders saying they hoped to lead a wave of such regulations across California and ultimately the country.
And what an opening wedge:


Who wouldn't be against smoking? You'd have to be some kind of caveman:
The City Council in San Rafael, a community of 57,000 people about 15 miles north of San Francisco, voted unanimously for the ban, following a handful of other California municipalities that have outlawed smoking in buildings with as few as two units.
As H.L. Mencken once said, government isn't satisfied with just your obedience. It wants you to want to obey.

Well, mission accomplished in San Rafael.
"We are happy to blaze a trail," Mayor Gary Phillips said before the vote.
I'm sure His Highness is busy thinking about the next behavior that must be monitored and penalized.


  1. I draw the line at masturbation, Dammit!!!

    1. But you will go BLIND!

    2. Really! Has common sense left the country?

    3. Yeah, you'll go blind.

    4. Can I get some ObamaGlasses then?

    5. I live in San Rafael. I'm 57 years old and I've lived here all my life. San Rafael is the county seat for Marin County, home of the stupidest, most left-wing, self-entitled, drug-addled population on the planet. Aging hippies who never advanced past the sixties and can't see past the end of their bongs, and illegal aliens infest the county; and downtown San Rafael is overrun with homeless bums, aggressive panhandlers, and mental defectives who wander Fourth Street (the main drag/San Rafael's "main street") aimlessly or sit on street corners with surly attitudes and expressions directed at passers-by. Yes, a veritable left-wing bed-wetter's paradise.

      So, is it really any surprise that our august mayor thinks it's perfectly reasonable to foist this kind of loony, nanny state nonsense on us while he's ignoring this infestation of the dregs and detritus of humanity into our city and its downtown CBD?

      I want my town back. Pray for me.

  2. LOL, you guys, take a Cold shower both of you.

  3. My eyesight has been weakening lately, along with my tolerance of these assholes!

  4. But the fur on my palms keeps me warm during the winter! Not to mention keeping my prostate healthy!

  5. Not that surprising, when you realize they (pathological bureaucrats) are spending a bunch of your money in your name, and that not being nearly enough, are borrowing even more to spend like the fools they are.

  6. Drones can check up on you. I wonder why you can't interest anyone in stopping a pot smoker in a bank parking lot when a nicotine cigarette is banned. What, law enforcement knocks on your door and says, oh, sorry, I thought it was a Marlboro!

  7. I serve a size 11 1/2 boot in the ass for all unwelcomed visitors to my house. To defeat RFID chips on cards just wrap them in lead sheeting.

  8. "It wants you to want to obey." Dude America is way behind the curve on that, just come here to Germany, every citizen will jump up and down as many times as the gov. tells them too.

    Seriously it's perverse here, just try jaywalking(when no cars are to be seen) and you'll get people giving you "that look", yes people grumble occasionally but do so quietly and when you ask them "if there's something wrong?" they'll say "no no, I am happy to do as I am told"

    Too bad American is turning so much into Europe, there's no place to run to now, sad

  9. Having lived in about a bazillion apt bldgs since high school, often infested by heavy smokers, I have no problem with this particular form of 'govt intrusiveness'. Secondhand smoke affects health whether it's voluntary (i.e. you chose to live with a smoker) or not (the smoker lives in the unit near you and the apts are not sealed w/ duct tape).

    1. If you have no problem with that particular form of government intrusion, then you must not have any aversion to the wars, the bank bailouts, the subsidies to big business- they are all one in the same.

      What a good little Nazi you will make!

  10. am not a smoker, but will take a visit to San Rafeal off my bucket list