Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bloomberg Gives The Environmentalists The Attention They've Been Craving

By, Chris Rossini
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As I started to notice a little while back, environmentalists were getting hot under their organic collars. Debate after debate, and not a peep about global warming climate change from either presidential candidate.

This is not good for the environmentalist psyche. Their lifeblood is based on riding on the back of The State. It is their enforcer, to be used as a billy club to beat the ignorant populace into submission. Environmentalists, and their enlightened government partners, will create a "sustainable" life for all of humanity.

You, as a member of the ruled, are supposed to receive the propaganda on a daily basis....even your 1st grader can't avoid it. So when both Presidential candidates fail to mention how the world will end unless they regulate your every move, environmentalists go into a tailspin.

Hurricane Sandy rides to the rescue!

There's no way environmentalists would pass this one up. The serfs shall be told that the hurricane was caused by "climate change"! Anyone who disagrees shall get the Marxian name-calling treatment.

The Hurricane came with a cherry on top as well. It hit New York City, home of the The Salt & Sugar King, Michael Bloomberg.

What an opportunity! Bloomberg will intervene anywhere!

It's time to take it to the streets.

The first stop?

Bloomberg's namesake propaganda mag:

Stop Number 2?

An endorsement.

But not just any endorsement. A specific endorsement for President Obama.

Specific in the sense that 'Obama will lead on Climate Change'. 

Nanny Bloomberg writes:
Our climate is changing. And while the increase in extreme weather we have experienced in New York City and around the world may or may not be the result of it, the risk that it might be – given this week's devastation – should compel all elected leaders to take immediate action.
That's right, don't worry if climate change was the cause...Government needs to "take immediate action" and ride your back even more. And, in Bloomberg's eyes, Obama edges Romney in this specific area.

Isn't it also convenient that Bloomberg gets to shift blame and attention off of government's horrendous handling of the storm?

Bob Wenzel showed that Bloomy couldn't even check the hospital generators to see if they could withstand the storm. He also pointed out that the rat-infested public subway system must now search for 100 yr.-old parts. And lets not forget how Goldman Sachs made the government, and everyone that relied on them for power, look like a joke.

Bloomberg, in one fell swoop, guides the public's focus towards "the climate," and he throws a bone to his environmentalist brothers-in-arms, who can't live without constant attention.


  1. Never let a perfectly good natural disaster go to waste.

  2. What idiots......of course the climate is changing never was and never will be static.

  3. Of course the climate is never was or never will be static.
    Some folks just trying to make dime from hysteria.

  4. Bloomberg, and those of his climate change ilk are idiots pure and simple. His mag says that the flooding in NJ should "should compel all elected leaders to take immediate action." Take what action! What are they going to do!? Pass a law banning hurricanes and snowstorms! Will they, through the powers of the all-wise and all-knowing government, outlaw extreme heat in during the summer and bitter cold during the winter!? What a moronic statement.

    The "State's" time would be much better spent allowing the privitazition of most city and state services. Private companies driven by the need and desire to provide the best product or service at the lowest price so as to maximize profits would do a much better job than government, which is not driven by the profit motive. Walter Block has done yeoman's work in educating people about private roads that existed in the late 18th and 19th centuries. Sandy Springs, GA comes to mind as they privatized most of their city services via a public-private partnership with a company called CH2M. I'm not a fan of the public-private partnership scenario. If a city is going to privatize its services, it should foster as much competition as possible by allowing multiple companies to bid on each individual service. By doing so, the city should be able to get the best quality service at the cheapest price.

  5. FORMER VICE PRESIDENT AL GORE: The storms are getting stronger. The stronger storms are getting more frequent. And, you know, this is the second time in two years, that part of Manhattan has been shut down. And, you know, that didn't used to happen like this. But the evidence is now so overwhelming.

    JOE BASTARDI, WEATHERBELL ANALYTICS: That's stunningly ignorant or stunningly deceptive, what Al Gore said. In the 1950s, from 1954 to 1960s, ten major hurricanes ran the Eastern Seaboard, six hit the Carolinas northward in two years, in '54, '55, including Connie and Diane, which caused unbelievable flooding in 1955. Hurricane Carol, 1954, 15 feet of water up Naraganset Bay. The 1938 hurricane, which had 186 mile an hour winds gusts at Blue Hill, Massachusetts, blew down two billion trees, caused a 50-foot surge of water across Long Island. If that storm had been 60 miles further west with the landfall at the battery, there would have been 20 feet of water into New York City.

    He doesn't know what he's talking about, And, ever since he shot his mouth off about Katrina, we've seen total global tropical activity go to record low levels. Just because something happens in your backyard two years in a row, it has nothing to do with the total picture.

    Read more:

  6. Somehow our side never bothers to note that without government roads, funny money loans, and subsidized flood/mortgage insurance, there would not be so much sprawl, especially along the coast and in environmentally sensitive areas. The statists want subsidies for sprawl and then whine whine whine that it's causing global warming and it's all caused by unregulated capitalism which they must be allowed to micromanage too. We're doomed.