Saturday, November 3, 2012

Step Right Up! ... Free Gas! ... Up to 10 Gallons a Pop!

By, Chris Rossini
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The ruling class will do anything to prevent the market from clearing on its own.

Whether it's Judas Christie, who (amongst his many other powers) is now rationing gas by license plate number, or N.Y.'s Governor Cuomo who is giving away "FREE" Gas!

AP reports:
New York's governor says the U.S. Department of Defense will set up emergency mobile fuel stations around the New York City metro area.

Free gasoline will be distributed, with a 10-gallon per-person limit.
See that?

It's Free!...In the same vein as when a mugger takes your money, then turns around to give it back to you saying: "Here, you can have this back for free."

The sad part is that Governor Cuomo will most likely come out smelling like roses with the serfs. He's the white knight showering free petroleum on the masses. The fact that he's a major player in creating the problem in the first place will never cross their government educated minds.


  1. Not so fast, citizens:

    "Government tells public to stay away from free gas until after first responders fuel up"

  2. How much do you wanna bet that these "free" gas giveaways will also succumb to shortages? "Free" is the ultimate price control.

  3. Can you imagine how much per gallon this "free"
    gasoline actually costs us poor saps known as taxpayers?

    Besides what the DoD paid for the gas, they are paying the soldiers to drive it there, to pump it, for meals and housing for the soldiers, for the tanker trucks and all their maintenance costs, and every other cost associated with "free" gas.

    In the end, "free" gas will likely cost much more than the "gouging" price that retailers might have charged in this emergency situation.

    The stupidity of The State never ceases.

  4. No gas for you!

    Government tells public to stay away from free gas until after first responders fuel up.

    The order was put out as long lines formed Saturday after Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that the Defense Department was opening mobile fuel stations in New York City and on Long Island.

  5. Don't you find it funny that no matter what the socialist clowns do, it ALWAYS results in long lines?

  6. It should be "In the same VEIN as..." Just letting you know.

    These politicians think they're God's gift to the world, here to save us from the weather, bad guys, and even ourselves.