Saturday, November 3, 2012

The TSA Reports In on Its Race to Catch Terroists

From the TSA blog:
Four  inert/novelty grenades were discovered this week -- two in carry-on baggage at Chicago O’Hare (ORD) and two more in checked baggage at Las Vegas (LAS). 
A replica grenade belt buckle was discovered at Madison (MSN). With the naked eye, you could tell this was a belt buckle, but it looks real on the X-ray monitor. This is just another example of why anything  resembling a grenade should be left at home.
And while "see something, say something" did not work out too well in Benghazi (where there were real terrorists on attack!! with real grenades!!), this got a quick TSA reaction (and note in the TSA blog)

What Not to Say at an Airport – Statements like these not only delay the people who said them but can also inconvenience many other passengers if the checkpoint or terminal has to be evacuated: 
During a bag check at Baltimore (BWI), a passenger stated that her bag was going to explode.

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  1. What Not to Say at an Airport - "Where's them bombs at?"

    Oh wait, that was what a TSA agent said as a tasteful joke in passing his co-worker, who was busy fondling my genitals in public.