Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why I Don't Vote

By, Chris Rossini
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Today, Presidential Election Day, only comes around every 4 years, so it's important to really enjoy the moment. And, as usual, I am...by not voting.

Yes, it's disappointing to see so many that still participate in the government's sacrament; but, it's comforting to know that I'm not adding to the tragedy.

And what exactly is that tragedy?

Well, let's think of it this way:

Very few of us would willingly, and with good conscience, go up to our neighbor's door and threaten them to give up their property (or else).

In the time that I've spent on this Earth, I've yet to see one person standing on his neighbor's porch and yelling "Give me an education!...Give me healthcare!...Give me Insurance!...You must pay! It is my right!"

The reason that people don't do this is because: (A) The neighbor might whoop them, and/or (B) the government would (ironically) throw them in jail for being a criminal.

Enter Democracy.

When you vote, the government relieves you of the messiness of going to your neighbor and robbing him. The government, with your support, will do it for you!

The nastiness of government hitting up your neighbor on your behalf is out-of-sight...out-of-mind.

When you vote, you merely choose who will be doing the dirty work...the guy in the red tie, or the guy in the blue tie. The dirty work will be done. Abolishing it never an option. But what has been drilled into you is that you need to cherish your "right" to choose between red tie or blue tie.

Your choice as to which thief will do the dirty work is a way to "make your voice heard".

Fortunately, there is a way out of this crazy thinking. When you don't vote, you do your part to smash it into pieces.

But first, you must believe that it's not ok to steal; even if someone has a majority of "votes."

So I always urge people not to vote.

Yes, the voting will continue. And yes, either red tie or blue tie will continue to clean your pockets and attempt to micromanage your life. But, you're no longer giving your thumbs up to the whole thing.

You're no longer a consenting participant in this great tragedy.


  1. Don't vote. The life you save may be your own.
    With grandma and grandpa who can't drive well driving to the polls today to preserve their welfare programs things can be dangerous.
    Schools are closed on polling day in my town to protect the children from being run over.

  2. Maybe we need to hand out "I Refused to Vote" stickers? I'll have some printed and ready to go for the next election!

    1. Mises.org has "Tu ne cede malis" sticker here

  3. I approve this message.

  4. I've been seeing "I Dissented Today!" buttons all over facebook.

  5. When attorney Edward J. O'Hare moved to Chicago in 1927, he

    "...met Al Capone, the man who ran Chicago during Prohibition. ... Capone's gang was the dominant gang in the city. An entrepreneur new in town, as E.J. was, had to choose a gang, just as today he would have to choose a business insurer." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_J._O%27Hare)

    Or the way we are expected to choose between the "red tie gang" or the "blue tie gang."

    For an interesting twist on "Easy Eddie" see http://tomesnyder.blogspot.com/2012/11/two-stories-both-true-and-worth-reading.html.

  6. Here's the best I have seen, from Ron Paul swag. Vote for Guy Fawkes: the only person to enter parliament with honest intentions.

  7. I wrote-in a non-approved candidate so that my non-vote could at least be counted. Not that they care.

  8. Chris Rossini you are pretty much an idiot. Anyone classifying this as an intelligent well composed blog should reconsider themselves as a US citizen. This is not what the founding fathers had in mind. Freedom of speech is fine but this (and other articles i have read by Chris Rossini cross the line and do not show any faith and love for this great country. Hey, there are other countries out there. Feel free to relocate if you do not like what occurs in your current location.