Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Guide to Private Equity Cronyists

Writes the PEU Report:

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation established the Coalition for Fiscal and National Security.  Like Blackstone Founder Pete Peterson, this group has deep private equity underwriter (PEU) ties.  Building on work done by HuffPo, I offer the following PEU connections.

Secretary Madeleine Albright - Chair of Albright Capital Management LLC (PEU).  White Female, 75 years old

Samuel R. Berger - Albright Stonebridge - PEU advisor.  White Male, 67 years old

Secretary Harold Brown - retired partner from Warburg Pincus (PEU) and Board of Evergreen Oil,Phillip Morris and Altria Group.  White Male, 84 years old

Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski - Global power player and fan of centralization, concentrated source of power with universal reach.  His son Ian is a player in the defense sector, with experience in Europe and the Ukraine.  Ian currently heads The Brzezinski Group, with major client Taci Oil, an Albanian firm.  Another son Mark serves as the U.S. Ambassador to Sweden.  White Male, 84 years old

Secretary James A. Baker - Monument Capital Advisory Board (PEU) and historical ties to Carlyle Group (PEU).   White Male, 82 years old 

Secretary Frank Carlucci - Monument Capital Advisory Board (PEU) and former Carlyle Group CEO (PEU)  Founder of Frontier Group (PEU).  White Male, 82 years old

Secretary Robert M. Gates - Consults with PEU's as Principal with RiceHadleyGates LLC.  Serves on the Board of Starbucks, an international company.  White Male, 69 years old

Secretary Henry Kissinger - Founded Kissinger Associates, which joined with McClarty Associates.  Kissinger McLarty partnered with PEUs like Blackstone..  Partner Thomas F. "Mac" McLarty is aSenior Advisor for The Carlyle Group.  McLarty Associates dropped the Kissinger name and currentlyserves global bastions Nike, GE and Walmart.  White Male, 89 years old,

Senator Sam Nunn - Board of GE, Hess Corporation and Coca Cola - all international firms.  White Male, 74 years old

Secretary Paul O’Neill - Consultant to Peterson's Blackstone Group (PEU).  Served on numerouscorporate boards,  including TRW Automotive, Celanese, Nalco and Eastman Kodak.  Blacktone affiliates include TRWNalco and Celanese.  Wants tax code fixed to be worthy of America.  White Male, 77 years old

Secretary George P. Shultz - Strategic Advisor at Pegasus Capital Advisors and chairman of the J.P. Morgan Chase International Council.  White Male, 92 years old.

Representative Ike Skelton - Serves on the Board of defense contractor EADS North America  Shelton is a partner with Husch Blackwell, a law firm with PEU clients.  White Male, 81 years old

Chairman Paul Volcker - Former Fed Chief.  White Male, 85 years old.

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  1. GloboChem: We own everything, so you don't have to!

  2. Sometimes longer human lifespans isn't such a good thing.

    1. Holy Crap!

      It's abundantly clear that Coalition for Fiscal and National Security is made up of a bunch of dinosaurs incomprehensibly watching the bright light in the night sky as the comet draws near. With this crew calling the shots, it's no small wonder the country is going in circles with the left turn signal on. The Depends bill alone must be stagering!

      Looks as if Obamacare's "end of life counseling" might not be such a bad idea after all - especially if it can deflate these tired, old, bags of flatulence and send them to a long term care facility where they belong...

  3. Grandma, grandpa it's time to go home now - your scaring the dogs.