Friday, December 21, 2012

Ed Koch Won't Cross Party Lines to Back Lhota

Former Mayor Ed Koch, a Democrat who helped pave the way to election wins for Republicans Rudy Giuliani in 1993 and Rep. Bob Turner in 2010, won’t be crossing party lines to back MTA chief Joe Lhota’s likely mayoral bid, NyPo is reporting.
“I don’t believe that the city will elect a Republican at this time, which is what Joe Lhota is, because his philosophy is that of Rudy Giuliani, who antagonized a lot of people when he was mayor because of his pugnaciousness,” Koch told The Post.

It's not necessary to read Burt Blumert to hate Giuliani, but it is a great reminder on how bad Guiliani was as NYC mayor.
I've always hated Rudy Giuliani — but never more than now.

His face fills the screen on every tv channel. Even watching the World Series on the tube provides no sanctuary. Between every inning, there he was, grinning, wearing his silly Yankee baseball cap, seated next to one of my other favorites, warmonger Senator John McCain.

The soon-to-be ex-mayor raises the temperature and gets a standing ovation every time he enters a room. Cameras pass over presidents and governors to focus on Rudy when he comes on stage. He seems ready for sainthood. It's enough to make you sick[...]

Actually, Rudy Giuliani doesn't represent the spirit of New York City. Sanctified by the media, the only thing Giuliani represents is the government itself. To listen to the media, one would think that the only casualty of September 11 was the government. Giuliani filled the role of a functionary who roamed from one funeral to the next, a sort of toastmaster general helping bury New York's uniformed dignitaries.

It was a top-down event. The mayor represented the upper echelons of the city's apparatus, with an occasional moment of grieving for the hardworking, tragic victims from the real world of commerce.

Politically, Giuliani is like the horror film monster who refuses to stay dead.

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  1. Lhotka crawled to Johnny Gats to beg! Half the gap Bloomberg found was from Lhotka. Who trusts a guy from Choochtown, after all that was President Clitman's school. And who trusts a leader called Scamming Fellow? Guy is the mole in a hurry. Why didn't Rudy come up with Lhota in 2001 when his ghegko faggo neppo was backing Hevesi?