Thursday, December 6, 2012

How Much TSA Abuse Is Enough?

By, Chris Rossini
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What on Earth does the TSA have to do to bump up against some serious resistance?

They obviously get away with groping:

If you feel like you've been sexually molested, you can go and cry on YouTube, like Miss USA did, but that's about as much sympathy as you're gonna get. You were molested for everyone's protection.

And let's not forget the recent firing of 400 TSA agents for massive theft...One former agent even told ABC News:
"It was very commonplace, very," said Pythias Brown, a former TSA officer at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey who admits he stole more than $800,000 worth of items from luggage and security checkpoints over a four-year period.

"It was very convenient to steal," he said.
Of course it was convenient!

Look who the employer is!

Where does government get the money to pay TSA agents?

And let's keep in mind that those 400 fired agents were those that were caught. You can be sure that plenty of TSA kleptos are still on the loose.

At some point, you'd think, a critical mass of Americans would decide that enough is enough.

Well, as Adam Kokesh shows below, we're not there yet. He took to the airport to film passengers while their fondling/radiation experience was still fresh in their minds:

If Americans are OK with a genital grab here and there, why not expand it to other places besides the airport?

The longer that this goes on, the more emboldened the state will get, and that's exactly what they'll (slowly, of course) start to do.


  1. The best part was the end when Adam shared his awakening with the soldier, who understood intuitively the reasons for Kokesh's work. This video was a poignant reminder of how enamored Americans are with their government, as though it is a neutral, disinterested third party that arbitrates on matters between and ON BEHALF of those involved. Americans can't see which parties benefit, or if they do, what to do to stop those who benefit from using government to take in 8 billion. Rothbard's "Anatomy of the State" should be the first text read in a high-school history or government class.

    1. I agree. It actually brought a tear to my eye---you could see the soldier struggling. He knows it's bullshit, and that he's not "protecting freedom" and being faced with a fellow soldier telling him to break free...heartbreaking.

      My adopted "little brother" (long story) spent 20 years in the Army, and now he hates himself for what he did. His stories of atrocity after atrocity that he committed before Ron Paul ran in 2008 have put him into therapy. I worry every day that I will find he's killed himself. He has gone from being a "good little soldier" to radical anarchist/anti-government man in just 5 years.

    2. I should clarify- after he began to hear fellow soldiers under his command discuss Ron Paul (he had always dismissed me as hippie nut! A hippie nut he loved, but still a nut) he started his own journey, and when he retired a few years ago he was a changed- and broken- man.

      I can't even write about it without crying.

      It always makes me angry when idiotic pols and clergy venerate the military. These men, once they "break free" of the mental chains, often commit suicide because they cannot live with what they have done.

  2. These interviews are not overly encouraging for liberty's future.

    What is nice to see is Adam's warm, engaging humor partially win over these folks, including a couple of numb-skulls who called him hippie.

    Sad to see the young women accept molestation as a price for their security. Not Even Adam's admonition (that the TSA has not caught 1 terrorist) wins them over completely. Seeds may be planted though, and they may think long and hard about it. That's the way to do it, and it could provide fruitful results for the future. Persuasion is the only moral way to go about it.

    That, and DISOBEY tyrants.

  3. Just went out of Miami where they have scanned at every gate. Last time I refused and had to get the pat-down, but had a talk with the agent beforehand to ensure it was not intrusive. I was honestly worried this, but fortunately the machine for my line appeared to be down. I just wonder and worry about which trip I will be put I'm such an untenuous position that I'm forces into a corner.

  4. Mmmmm... I'm from the government, and I'm here to grope you!(for the sake of national security).

    Think it'll hold up in court?

    1. In a government court? With political animals on the bench? The same ones who have destroyed civil liberties?

      Yep, it will hold up in court.

  5. Yeah, there's the blue-gloved government hand up your ass, but there's also the invisible, far-reaching hand of government radiation that weakens you, causes you to lose work, see a doctor, and forces you to prioritize an anti-cancer protocol that will cost you in money, time, and legacy. FUCK YOU TSA. FUCK YOU.

  6. What kind of complete unobservant ignoramus do you have to be to think a guy wearing a short sleeved black t-shirt with huge biceps, USMC tattoo on inner forearm, and a clean shaven short beard, that that person would be a hippie?

  7. Robert,

    Don’t you realize that Adam Kokesh ran for public office under the construct of the U.S. Constitution? Therefore, he is a total sell-out and a complete statist.

    1. Asshole. I'm considering a run in 2014, and I'm more anti-government than Wenzel or Ron Paul. I'm doing it to raise the profile, make people think, change perceptions.

      If I win by some miracle, I will do everything I can to EDUCATE my constituents, and my colleagues and never vote for any bill that gives government more power.

      Voting for people is futile, but when anti-government people are in government it gives them a platform. Hell, I'd vote for Rand Paul over any of the current guys, even though I think he's a bullshit sellout. At least he would have "the bully pulpit" to change the national discourse.

  8. I can now see how Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, Pot, and other infamous "leaders" were able to carry out such heinous atrocities. The people consent.

    Adam's arguments are strong, however; he needs to read Judge Napolitano's argument for why travel is a right, not a privilege.
    You can hear the same tired arguments from people in his clip; "travel is a privilege", "I have nothing to hide", "I feel safe". These arguments are all easily dismantled with the right retort.

    As per the Anonymous reply above that sounds strangely like Adam Kokesh:

    "Voting for people is futile"

    Spot on.

  9. Post it again: US Code - Section 40103
    A citizen of the United States has a public right of transit trough navigable airspace.

  10. I have created a petition with the White House to change this. Please sign.

  11. Hello

    I just uploaded a new song that shows how we waive our civil and human rights for security from imagined fear. Or as Milton Friedman said it, “Only a crisis - actual or perceived - produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That, I believe, is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes the politically inevitable.”