Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Is Mitch McConnell Reading EPJ?

(Or maybe its his campaign manager Jesse Benton)

You rarely see focus from anyone in Congress on spending cuts. Its all about how taxes should be raised. That's why on Saturday I wrote:

If Republicans were serious about cutting government down to size and really taking on Obama, there is a way. Instead, of posturing on tax rates versus changes in tax deductions. And instead of trying to smash entitlement changes immediately down the throats of Americans, the Republicans should start talking other cuts in government, every time taxes and the fiscal cliff are raised by the media.
To every question about tax increases and changes in tax deductions, the response should be, "Well, there is a different way to shrink deficits and that is by shrinking government."
None other than Mitch McConnell has stepped up 48-hours after my post to take this position. HuffPo reports:
Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) on Tuesday bemoaned the media’s focus on tax cuts... 
“The president seems to think if all he talks about are taxes and that’s all reporters write about, somehow the rest of us will magically forget that government spending is completely out of control,” he said.
Now, admittedly, my suggestion to turn any tax question to a focus on spending is not something that McConnell couldn't have reached on his own, but it is good to see that for whatever reason someone has done so.

Of course, I am serious about cuts in government spending, I doubt McConnell and Benton are.

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