Friday, December 21, 2012

What I Want For Christmas

To be named a Primary Dealer, so I can trade directly with the Fed like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley do.


  1. I asked Santa for the same, but he said that I'd have to surrender my soul and offer one newborn baby per day as a sacrifice. Fortunately, the newborn can be of any race, so there's some flexibility there. I still haven't accepted his terms... yet.

  2. lol, good luck with that Wenzel. The license to trade/steal legally comes with a hefty price and is only offered to the "right" people...and news're not one of them.


  3. Nice work if you can find it, especially if you write the Fed's buying algos ;->

    More on this over the weekend, EPJ readers...

    1. looking forward, Bobs

    2. Haha...reminds me of Office Space.

      Now all we need is Murphy to come in and we would have the Trinity of the Bobs.

  4. Well that didn't last long

    MF Global Inc. and SG Americas Securities, LLC have been added to the list of primary dealers, effective February 2, 2011.

    MF Global has been deleted from the list of primary dealers, effective October 31, 2011.