Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A 5 Step Plan to Significantly Reduce Gun Violence in the US

1. Abolish the DEA and end the war on drugs. A large part of gun violence comes as a result of the drug market being forced underground. Drug dealers have to shoot to stay alive and out of prison, just like Al Capone had to during Prohibition.

End the drug war and drugs would be sold at drugstores by little old lady cashiers---and at a fraction of the price--thus reducing all kinds of drug related crime.

2. Abolish the FDA and government involvement in drugs. Big pharma, which owns the FDA and the White House, is behind the mind altering drugs that have been taken by many of the crazed shooters. Drugs paid for and promoted by the government. Let's end the government promotion of these drugs, which can turn young men mad.

3. End minimum wage laws. Urban youth, in particular, with few skills, are the victims of the minimum wage laws. Their marginal revenue productivity is not high enough to warrant businesses hiring them. Thus, they roam, looking for targets to rob.

4. Abolish the Department of Education and end public school education. Government education  is a myth. It's an open air prison. The only thing learned at public schools is how to become a thug.

5. End gun control. Guns are the great equalizer. Robberies will really go down when criminals know that the potential victims could be carrying.

Bonus idea: End gun registration and destroy all records of who owns guns.

Gun registration is only one step away from gun confiscation. The most important reason to own a gun is so that individuals can protect themselves should a government get oppressively totalitarian. The last thing that an individuals should want is the government having a list of who owns guns.


  1. This is probably fitting in your "End Gun Control" and "End gun registration" categories but NFA 1934 and GCA 1968 need to be repealed. These acts restrict automatic weapons, suppressors, OAL of weapons along with barrels, "non-sporting purpose" categories. These acts restrict the sale of weapons in interstate commerce by creating Federal Firearms License dealers, dealer classes, fingerprinting and registration schemes.

    These acts have done nothing to stop criminals, and everything to raise prices, restrict supply, fingerprint, register, and otherwise frustrate the average law abiding citizen.

    We have around 300,000,000 legally owned firearms in this country, 99.99% of them or more are NOT used illegally. That's a staggering number and the current administration would rather try and destroy the liberties of the super-majority irrespective of realities.

  2. Sounds good, let's do it! LoL!

  3. Ending the war on drugs would not just close a lucrative and violent black market, it would encourage law enforcement to go after violent criminals in order to justify itself.

    1. Will, you bring up a very good point. I'd just like to add that ending the war on drugs is *NOT* something the drug companies want. This is their war. It is crony capitalism at its finest. They don't want potentially non-patentable, cheap, and effective remedies competing with their market-share. It is the same reason why the drug companies lobbied for Obamacare. It's a sure thing for them - guaranteed income streams.

      Lastly, the reduction in violence due to drug legalization would not only give law enforcement the ability to go after true violent criminals, there would be much less of them, and therefore much less of a need for the law enforcement infrastructure as we know it. This is the reason why LEO associations are chief supporters of drug laws. It's another revolving door. They create the need, which creates LEO jobs at the taxpayer expense.

      Anyone who has actually worked for the government or in it knows that if you don't justify or use all of your budget, you lose it. Government efficiency is an oxymoron because the incentive and promotion schemes in government are based on agency success -- the need for more budget due to lack of sufficient resources. Every agency head's career promotion is based on creating more need for what they provide.

      The war on drugs is big business at taxpayer expense. Not only do the drug companies, law enforcement, and criminal justice systems have an extreme vested interest, that drain isn't just a monetary one. The war on drugs destroys lives, either directly by those innocents caught in the crossfire, or indirectly with victimless crime forfeitures and incarcerations. Property is stolen by the state without trial or recourse. People are put in jail for possession of plants!

      The "unseen" damage done to our related civil liberties and productivity is probably 100 times the cost of what the "seen" is used for justification.

      The War on Drugs is just another scheme government uses to deprive the citizens of its liberties and money.

    2. ...and they wouldn't even have to leave the station house!!

    3. Your certaintly right about the crony drug companies fearing legalization, but there nof above co-opting the medical benefits of street drugs if they can. Because hemp can be used for fuel, fiber, protien and more, and because the war on drugs is the biggest false justification for outlawing it, drug companies are far from the only ones pumping money into prohabition. Still, as corrupt as many LE Agents and agencies may be, there are those who are still motivated by public service, and are becoming more vocal in thier opposition to the lucrative distraction that is the drug war.

  4. Most of the crime and murders take place in the big cities with populations of 200k or more, where generations of welfare policy, the drug war, and banning guns have led to giant cluster fucks.

    The murder rate and crime rate have fallen by around 50% in the nation in the last twenty years. That is despite the predictions of the gun banners that crime would skyrocket as states passed conceal carry laws and made it easier to buy and carry guns starting in the late 90s.

    The supposedly high crime "assault rifle" - really just a self loading rifle, since assault rifles are automatic - has sold at least 2.5 million AR15s (not counting AKs, FALs, SKS, M1, etc) and the rifle murder rate last year was a mere 323! Included in those stats are some shootings by law enforcement almost certainly. So more people are beaten to death with fists, clubs, and way more are stabbed to death. Not to mention around 18 times as many are shot with a pistol, so why the effort to ban rifles first instead of the type of firearm involved in most murder? Here is what Krauthammer said back in the 90s:

    "Ultimately, a civilized society must disarm its citizenry if it is to have a modicum of domestic tranquility of the kind enjoyed in sister democracies like Canada and Britain….

    Passing a law like the assault weapons ban is a symbolic — purely symbolic — move in that direction. Its only real justification is not to reduce crime but to desensitize the public to the regulation of weapons in preparation for their ultimate confiscation….

    Yes, in the end America must follow the way of other democracies and disarm."

    Clearly, if more guns meant more crime, why has the crime and murder fallen in half in the last two decades with the only exceptions being places like Chicago, that had over 500 murders last year despite a total gun ban for civilians?

    Meanwhile, the crime rates have skyrocketed in places like Australia and Britain where guns are banned.

    Email your congressman and senators and let them know there will be hell to pay if they vote for any gun law of any sort. Honestly, for those who are non-violent, this is the best possible thing one can do to avoid violence. Because if new laws are passed that call for registration and confiscation, there is guaranteed to be massive non compliance and violence.

  5. I honestly believe that step one is the best solution yet the most overlooked by the gun control nuts.

  6. As a special ed teacher in urban America all I can say is that my inmates...I mean my students...are obsessed with three things...Guns, Drugs, and Bitches. It makes one long for the good old days of Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll...I can't wait for the rap re-mix of a "Stairway to Heaven".

  7. makes perfect sense, hence the government won't do it.

  8. Ha! Not gonna happen.

  9. To argue in the mode of Piers Morgan, Feinstein, Obama et al...

    The fact that the gun monopolists aren't willing to carry though each of these points just shows how they care more about their agenda than they do the lives our children.

  10. Also end the war on other vices like prostitution and gambling, remove other barriers to employment like licensing, and lower the cost of living by doing away with zoning. Etc.

  11. I love EPJ and its readers! It ain't easy being a peaceful radical, but dammit it's the only way "up".

  12. I agree with nearly all of the article except for this sentence in the last paragraph. "The most important reason to own a gun is so that individuals can protect themselves should a government get oppressively totalitarian." I think it should be written as "The most important reason to own a gun is so that individuals can protect themselves." Natural rights trumps all.

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  14. Sounds good. Problem is , it is too simple for our politicians and world leaders. It also cuts them out of the control picture. There are answers for every problem. Problem is there is someone richer who is making money on those problems and when you solve them the lose. They can't lose! Does that make any sense?

  15. When machine guns and explosives were available at the local hardware store, kids had access to them and no one thought of mass killing.........except the STATE! Which ALWAYS LOVES TO KILL PEOPLE EN MASS!