Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Lack of Soul of the "Does It Work?" Pragmatists

With the passing of James Buchanan, it may be wise to reflect on an essay he wrote about "does it work?" pragmatists. In the essay, Buchanan strikes at the heart of the beltarian Washington DC-based think thanks. The think tanks have lost their soul (if they ever had any), and become micro-managers for the state.

In the essay, Buchanan gives too much credit to Ronald Reagan. Reagan fell under the spell of the "does it work?" pragmatists. While mouthing views that appeared to come from the soul, Reagan in the end simply provided cover for the expanding state. Nevertheless, Buchanan's bigger message of the importance of a grand classical liberal view is important and strikes an important blow at the  "does it work?" pragmatists.

(ht Bill Bergman)

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    My Psychotherapist says I have to give up even more control. The world will have to run without me,I'm afraid.

    When I got home from my Psych appointment, I began re-reading _Catch-22_ for the umpteenth time.

    "Clevinger was dead. That was the basic flaw in his philosophy..."

    I was a Philosophy Major in college. I understand that kind of thinking. And since I haven't paid the Cable Bill this month, I won't be able to see if the Blood Stained, Communist PBS is re-broadcasting the story of the "Billion Dollar War in Space", the one that occurred when the USSR and the USSA put up MANLY MEN in space to furtively capture on film a coupla' squares that could have housed Enemy Scientists who were contemplating "Nuclear Expectation Values" and the like.

    At least one of the men died. Many of them are dead now.

    So it goes.

    I'm re-reading _Slaughterhouse Five_ again, as well.

    Somebody on another site brought up "Helvering vs Davis". Or was it "Fleming vs Nestor"? See, people still don't get it about Social Security. It doesn't matter anymore.

    What matters is that if you can find someone really good, really sharp, don't ya' see, you can make ANYTHING you want Constitutional if you can frame it as "Being for the General Welfare" and "Make it a Tax". Nothing else matters.

    Nothing else at all. Here's the next step: Someone, someday will try to cut some program and may even try to use the "General Welfare Thingy". Won't work.

    NOT spending for the "General Welfare" will not be allowed.