Friday, January 25, 2013

Geithner: Bernanke the Buddha of Central Bankers

Bernanke Buddha

First, we had Aqua Buddha, now we have Bernanke Buddha.

On his final day in office, departing Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, in closing remarks in front of Treasury staff, the President, the Vice-President and Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, threw out this doozie. From the transcript of his remarks:

I am not going to say anything nice about Ben Bernanke, because when I do, it just encourages those who think that we’re too close and that I’ve compromised the independence of the Fed. [laughter] But he knows what I think. He’s a hero. He’s the Buddha of central bankers…but more active.
Some hero. Since Geithner started at the Treasury, Bernanke has increased the money supply (M2) by $2.2 trillion (27%), with most of that money going to banksters first. Which allow cronies, like Lloyd Blankfein, to buy $33 million beach properties in the Hamptons. Some hero.


  1. Who said crime doesn't pay? You just need to get out of freelance crime and get into the government variety.

  2. Rub this Buddha's belly and he'll spit out cash.

    1. Of course, that means those who can get close enough to him benefit first--think I've heard this theory before.

  3. The standards for Buddadom are so low that adding zeros to the right of digits on the books makes one guess that makes banksterism a cult.

  4. Does that mean the auto bailout and cash for clunkers was just "Car-ma"?

  5. The best Buddha is Space Buddha
    1999 - Space Buddha - Space Buddha
    1. Out Of Space
    2. Fantasy
    3. Pure Energy
    4. Next Generation
    5. Losing Balance
    6. Love Pyramid
    7. No Control
    8. Rave Man

  6. I don't know why but this blog entry really grossed me out.

    Bernanke Buddha,.... ick, shivers.

    Dang it, and I'll likely never forget that photo too.

    ... Did I ever tell you about that time I was in college and pop cans were \everywhere and I wrote a didy about pop cans everywhere to the tune of, oh what was that song, here a pop can, there a pop can,... to the tune of Old MacDonald?

    Ok, now we're somewhat even now?
    Let's not go there again and you don't pose those type of phots? AhHaHaHaHa! OMG seriously, stop it, don't gross me out like that again, please. oR IF YOU do, please mix it up with the like of Tina Turner, that makes it much more palatable

    - IndividualAudienceMember