Sunday, January 20, 2013

Michael Douglas' Son Busted in Jail for Drugs

NyPo reports:
Michael Douglas’ junkie son, Cameron, can’t stay clean — he got busted this month for having drugs in his system at the federal prison in Loretto, Pa., where he’s serving a 10-year stint for dealing.

Douglas failed a urinalysis and was immediately sent to solitary confinement the first week of January, according to a prison source.
This raises a number of points:

1. Why would you put someone in solitary confinement, who already has a weak mind? Sounds like torture to me.

2. Why exactly are drugs illegal? Does it do anything but further make life miserable for those taking drugs?

3. Ron Paul is right. They can't even even keep drugs out of prisons, how is the government seriously going to do so in a wide open country?


  1. Sadly, I've know a few folks in these federal prisons for various reasons. While not a "country club", they aren't on the level as the HBO series, "Oz", in decrepitude and aggression.

    In fact, my acquaintances have told me they are partying harder in prison than they were outside to kill the boredom. They take strolls in the woods and dig up drugs buried for them by guards. It's ridiculous according to these folks.

  2. Thank God they caught this guy after they already caught him. A rich actor's son with a drug problem? Wow, what a disaster. Public Enemy #1.

  3. The war on (some) drugs is about the prison industry and asset forfeiture and S.W.A.T. teams and jobs for thugs and letting us know who owns us. It's not about drugs.