Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tales from the Ever-Expanding Police State: Couple Arrested for Dancing in Subway

NYC just paid $75,000 to settle a federal lawsuit by a Manhattan couple who were arrested for doing the Charleston on a subway platform, reports NyPo.

Here's NyPo with details abut the out-of-control police action that resulted in the settlement:

Caroline Stern, 55, and her boyfriend, George Hess, 54, sued the city in Manhattan federal court last year for their July 2011 arrest, after which they spent 23 hours in custody. 
Stern, a dentist, and Hess, a film prop master, had just left Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night’s Swing when they encountered a steel-drum player on a nearly empty platform in the Columbus Circle subway station and began to boogie.
Two cops told them their happy feet weren’t allowed and hauled them off after Stern could produce only a credit card, which did bear a picture of her, as identification.


  1. History does seem to rhyme, those two were modern day Swing Kids?

    "They organized dance festivals and contests and invited jazz bands. These events were occasions to mock the Nazis, the military and the Hitlerjugend — hence the famous "Swing heil!", mocking the infamous "Sieg Heil!".[4] Swing Kids wore long hair and hats, carried umbrellas and met in caf├ęs and clubs. They developed a jargon mostly made of Anglicisms."

    Was it "degenerate music" too?

    - IndividualAudienceMember

  2. I would like to see people get away with dancing at the Lincoln Memorial or other such "hallowed" grounds.

  3. Americans arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial:

  4. I guess you guys aren't aware that Al-Qaida has been training teams of dancers. And are you further unaware of their devious ploy to send mimes to several prominent cities in the USA? My good sirs, fellow readers, the threat posed to our freedoms by these vicious street performers is REAL!!!
    I, for one, hope they lock all these islamifacist dancers up forever! Throw away the key! Keep America free!

    1. Hey! The dancers don't scare me! But Those MIMES!!! Now THAT scares me!

    2. As long as you have a loaf of pumpernickel bread to beat them with, you should be safe.

    3. In a related story, the body of a steel drum player Jimmy "The Panman" Alexander was discovered encased in cement inside of his instrument. The drum made by Fancy Pans was found on the steps of Manhattan precinct headquarters with a palm tree growing out of it.

      A police spokesman stated: "This is what terrorists can expect if they try to have fun on the streets of New York city! Try and play "No Woman No Cry" now, asshole."

      The family of "The Panman" have threatened legal action against the dancing couple for tricking Jimmy into supporting their terrorist plot...