Monday, January 28, 2013

Paul Ryan: Hillary Clinton Would Have 'Fixed This Fiscal Mess'

Oh yeah, Ryan is a real Randian. Hillary would have fixed things by raising taxes and creating smoke around government spending.

And what's this Ryan talk (see below) about "solving" poverty and healthcare issues? He means, of course, government "solutions."  EPJ identified Ryan as a big government  advocate early on, after Mitt Romney chose him as his VP pick.


  1. Replies
    1. There is nothing funny about the comments from Rep. Ryan. Obama's policies are complete failings on every level. Secretary Clinton would have turned this thing around by now.

      By your screen name I would have thought that your experience with Sec. Clinton, during her years of service to the people of New York, would have shown how successful she is when serving the public.

      You need to go back and watch her testimony on Benghazi. Her strength and passion for her work was inspirational. Pay close attention to the clip of her and Rand Paul.

      She would have straightened out the mess by now.

    2. Now you're the joke, Anonymous @ 9:58!

    3. It's just as funny when you say it, anon.

  2. Ryan is a NWO sellout.

  3. Anonymous @ 9:58" You are mentally ill.

  4. what she would have done would have got the democrats tossed out of the White House last november.