Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Democratic 2016 Presidential Field (The Florida Numbers)

Based on the latest polling from Public Policy Polling, Hillary Clinton has an 88/10 favorability rating with Democratic primary voters in Florida and is their overwhelming choice to be the party's 2016 standard bearer: 65% want her as their candidate, followed by 15% for Joe Biden, and 4% for Andrew Cuomo and Elizabeth Warren. No one else polls over 1%.

If Hillary doesn't run PPP says things are wide open in FL. Cuomo leads the way with 22% to 15% for Warren with everyone else in single digits- Deval Patrick at 5%, Martin O'Malley at 4%, Kirsten Gillibrand at 3%, Mark Warner at 2%, and Brian Schweitzer at 1%. But the big winner is 'not sure' at 48%.


  1. Notice how there isn't a single normal human being in the bunch? Sociopaths and narcissists, one and all.

    As for Hillary getting an 88% favorable rating, I can only conclude that Democrat voters are irredeemably stupid.

  2. The implicit assumptions are that there will still be a United States in 2016, and that people will be able to fend off the cannibal gangs long enough to go to the polls.

  3. Obama has not even started his second term and we're already getting polling for the 2016 campaign. Sickening.

  4. God it's depressing. In this great country, these are the best we can do???

    "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate" (Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.)
    Dante's Inferno

    1. I get here that. As George Carlin has said, this is the best we can do folks...garbage in, garbage out.
      Sometimes when I'm feeling down about what's going on, I watch George Carlin on youtube, starting with his infamous 7 words you can't say on TV. If that doesn't work to pick me up, I watch the animal videos, lol. I'm beginning to believe the animals are the only really smart and trustworthy people.

  5. LOL, "I get here that"?...i meant, "I hear that"