Sunday, February 24, 2013

Anthony Wile Interviews Robert Wenzel

I talk to Anthony Wile at The Daily Bell about the economy, money, bitcoins, climate change and how I became a libertarian, here.


  1. Great job by The Daily Bell (a site that I visit daily) on the interview, not getting in your way. It was great to hear about your background and to hear your thoughts on a range of subjects.

    For being such a Krugman hater (ha, ha), you sound remarkably grounded and reasonable.

  2. "If people ever stop the calculation from bitcoins into dollars and just start thinking in terms of bitcoin buying power, then it would become money."

    I reckon bitcoin in the buying power it gets me in any currency or commodity. I don't reckon bitcoins in dollars alone.

    Robert, if YOU stopped calculating bitcoin into dollars and saw everything else being purchased with it - every major world currency, silver, gold, platinum, internet access, drugs (if you want them), hookers, cars, musical instruments, houses - it would be money to you. That's all the stuff money is used to get. It's already money to hundreds of thousands of people and growing. If economists don't think Bitcoin is money, it wouldn't be the first time academia was blindsided by reality.

    When gold and silver dealers are selling their metal for dollars and bitcoins, it's money:

    I love ya, Wenzel. You're a rare voice in this world. But don't let your schooling get in the way of your learning. ; )

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