Monday, February 18, 2013

CPAC Gives A Glimpse of The NEW Republican Party

By, Chris Rossini

Rand Paul is saying that voters are ready for a Libertarian Republican candidate in 2016.

Justin Amash says “I think the Republican party still represents the best opportunity for bringing liberty to the political system”.

Putting aside that liberty and politics are mutually exclusive, are Rand & Amash serious when they make these statements? Or are they just stringing along the more gullible Ron Paul supporters?

Politicians do that you know...

They string along loyal voting blocs even though nothing will ever be done for them. Good examples are the anti-war leftists who are always in the pockets of Democratic candidates, and anti-abortion rightists who are wrapped around Republican fingers.

Are some libertarians getting taken for a ride with the idea that the Republican Party has any interest whatsoever with liberty?

I think without question.

Let's look at the upcoming CPAC event.

Republicans are (for sure) trying to slap some lipstick on a pig after getting smoked in the last election. You can see that by the marketing. Take a look at what "The Next Generation" looks like:

A couple of new and young pitchmen; but I see no indication of liberty there. Rubio is a proxy for the Bush's....Paul Ryan ran with anti-liberty Romney...and Rand is all over the map and hardly a libertarian.

Now let's look some of the speakers that will be appearing at CPAC along with the above three:
  • Jeb Bush
  • Eric Cantor
  • Sarah Palin
  • Newt Gingrich
  • Mitch McConnell
  • Rick Santorum
I'm surprised that with both Rand and McConnell there, Jesse Benton doesn't have a speaking slot...Liberty here we come!

Where is Lew Rockwell?

Where is Robert Wenzel?

Where is Tom Woods?

The Republican Party has no interest in the real champions of liberty, and will not as far as the eye can see.

If you consider yourself a libertarian, don't fall for the window dressing or rhetoric. Let the Republican ship sink to the bottom of the ocean. 

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  1.'re not fooling anyone. The people they listed are about as far from libertarian as any. Who are they kidding?

    Sorry shitheads, I ain't falling for it!

    Who the hell needs parasites, er...I mean politicians anyway?

  2. There ought to be a minimum requirement met to be considered a quasi-libertarian.
    How about this: the distance between one's eyebrows and one's chin should go up no more than one inch upon hearing Tom Woods say that it is RIGHT & JUST for the States to nullify.


    1. There already is a minimum requirement.

      It's called minarchism (only military, police and courts).
      If you want the state to do more then you're just a Republican in favor of smaller or bigger government.

      Now let's count all the heads that fail this test miserably.
      We can start counting the heads of those who think libertarianism should not be defined so strictly and should allow for more government initiation of force.

  3. Rand is incorrect if he thinks there is any new love for libertarianism among the Republican base.

    The Republican base are social conservatives, and they will no doubt point out that the presidential candidates closest to their camp (Bush II, Reagan), have been much more successful at elections than the pure neocon or plutocrat elements (Ford, Dole, McCain, and Romney).

    Expect a social conservative to get the nomination. The silver lining on this raincloud will be the continued slight ebb in neocon influence.

  4. People who value liberty should go to CPAC and try to influence the people attending the event. Have debates and conversations with anyone and everyone. Maybe people don't know of Tom Woods or Bob Wenzel. Don't assume even GOP officials know who these people are. Make your voice be heard. Try to gain some influence. Don't just sit back and complain.

  5. It reminds me of a short clip I saw of Hillary on the 08 campaign trail in Hattiesburg, MS where she said "Nobody will fight for Hattiesburg like I will!!!" And the crowd went wild. I thought "Wow, they actually believe her." Certainly helps explains why we have the system we do. And commenter Bob, are you the Bob from "What about Bob?" Sounds like you are sailing.

  6. No worries about me falling for another plastic robot. That came to an end years ago. I need a barf bag every time I hear or see a politician.

    Ron Paul was possibly the only politician worth admiring today. He is a very good man who didn't want the job.

    The rest of Washington would do humanity the greatest favor if they changed careers and made porno for ugly people.

  7. The Liberty element which fought hard to get in places of power within the Republican party at all levels is being purged as we speak. CPAC's speaker line-up is a joke. Pathetic neocon establishment imbeciles and fools. Get ready for Hillary Clinton 2016.

  8. The following list is drawn from what I have personally witnessed since 1959, and explains why the Republican Party has not been associated with liberty for over 2 generation.

    1959, Republican's sought to destroy people on a local level who they suspected of being socialists.

    1965, Barry Goldwater promoted the idea of nuking Vietnam because of their resistance to the US invasion of their country.

    1964, Republican's like Ronald Reagan sought to destroy the "Free Speech Movement" on Cal State campuses because of the call by Mario Savio "to put our bodies in the gears of the government machine".

    1966-1974, Republican's called people who opposed the Vietnam War communist sympathizers.

    1968, Richard Nixon interfered in the Paris Peace talks to prolong the Vietnam War.

    1968-1974, Republican's drove cars with the bumper stickers stating "My Country, Right or Wrong", "America, Love It or Leave It".

    1970-2013, Republican's lead the charge in the War on Drugs.

    1974-2000, Republican's wanted to finish the job in Vietnam.

    1980-2013, Republican's equated people who wanted to use solar power and get off the grid as communists, queers, or fruits. Ronald Reagan was given a home in Pacific Palisades by GE in the late 1950s because of his ability to sell America on the the idea of corporate fascism.

    1981-2013, Republican's militarized local police departments in the name of the War on Drugs, and the War on Terror.

    1981-2013, Republican's pushed the idea of worshipping the military into Christian churches across this country, and sought to put the military above the word of God. If you question U.S. foreign policy, the military, or Homeland Security you are seen as an apostate by the majority of conservative believers.

    1982-1990, Republican's used covert means to empower death squads in Central-America. Mitt Romney's original backers for Bain Capital were families directly tied to the death squads.

    1989, Republican's backed the invasion of Panama which killed 10,000 people.

    1992, Republican's used Hurricane Andrew to showcase the ineptitude of FEMA, and the power of the military in natural disasters.

    1993-2013, Republican's sought to increase the firepower of local police to take on domestic terrorists.

    2001-2013, Republican's pushed thru the Patriot Act and reauthorized the Presidents Emergency Powers.

    2001-2013, Republican's pushed the war in Afghanistan, and seek to continue it.

    2001-2013, Republican's, and many members of the Tea Party love Homeland Security and continually seek to increase it's power over us.

    2001-2013, Republican's, and many members of the Tea Party love the TSA and continually seek to increase it's power over us.

    2001-2013, Republican's love the idea of Enemy Combatants.

    2003-2013, Republican's, and many members of the Tea Party love Fusion Centers and want more of them.

    2005, Republican's used Hurricane Katrina as a way to empower private contractors, and the military in natural disasters. Republicans sought to destroy Posse Comitatus.

    2012-2013, Republican's, and many members of the Tea Party endorse the NDAA.

    2012-2013, Republican's, and many members of the Tea Party endorse CISPA.

    2012-2013, Republican's, and many members of the Tea Party endorse the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

    2012-2013, Republican's, and many members of the Tea Party endorse the idea of Biometric I.D. cards for all Americans who seek employment.

    2010-2013, Republican's love the idea of monitoring people in their homes and on the internet, using, CISPA, the Internet of Things, and Smart Meters.

    2013, Republican's and many members of the Tea Party love the new TSA data mine in Utah.

    2012-2013, Republican's and many members of the Tea Party are frantically seeking contracts for domestic drones in their area.

    1. "America, Love It or Leave It"

      Someone should make a follow up bumper sticker:
      "I love America; I just hate politicians."

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