Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Donna Brazile Gets Obamanized (Note: Very Painful)

Donna Brazile, apologist for everything Obama, syndicated columnist, television political commentator on CNN and ABC, is bitching about her soaring healthcare insurance premium. She doesn't know why it is going up. I've covered some of the why here and here, but the short and long answer is Obamacare.

Below is her "health care works" cheering on of ACA via a tweet last year, underneath that is a tweet from her today where she is bitching about her healthcare premium climbing and not getting a good answer as to why  it is going up. She still doesn't seem to get that she has been Obamanized. Crony Obama Healthcare= More expensive care + poorer quality care.

LOL, this almost makes Obamacare worth it in terms of entertainment value.

(ht Dan Cotter)


  1. Maybe she should "just ask the millions with coverage" who
    - don't need to pay for it but are covered somehow anyway
    - are covered for pre-existing conditions now
    - are forced to get health insurance by government fiat
    - need to pay higher because they make more money

    I can't wait for her "3rd Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act! #IPayMoreBecauseTheySayICanAffordIt" tweet in about month.

  2. i hope she makes a buttload of money because the more you make, the more you pay! just another wonderful tax on the rich!

  3. dear Donna, your rates probably went up because you are loaded! choke on that! surely you don't mind subsidizing insurance for people who would have been getting it for free at the emergency room anyway! Obama knows they would still get it free, but that would not have allowed him to take over a third of this nations economy! the more they control, the more you pay! (and the less you will get)