Thursday, February 14, 2013

Krugman: "Growing Dependence on Government is Mostly a Myth"

The above quote is taken from a new post by Paul Krugman.

Here's reality at the core:


  1. But he used the weasel word: "mostly". See? You can't lay a glove on the guy. :)

  2. Krugman's response to you:

  3. Seriously, if people like him get a Nobel Prize, I do not see any motivation.

    1. Yeah, it should really be a pejorative to say "so and so has a Nobel Prize" now that Krugman and Obama each have one.

  4. "But what he somehow misses is that the notion that traditional families and religion are essential to social order is a theory, not a fact"

    I sure wish he would apply this same line of thinking to all the things he believes in that fall into this same category. I would put his constant harping on income inequality leading to a break down in society at the top of the list.

  5. "Never split 10s" in blackjack is mostly a myth too I suppose.

  6. I used to think this guy was evil. Turns out he's just dumb. Who knew?

  7. Brazil is in good shape. Argentina is in good shape. People have cops as a public good and don't need to own guns. People aren't becoming more dependent on government.

    The laughs never stop with "create a housing bubble" Krugman, do they?