Saturday, March 16, 2013

Politicians Come To You In Sheep's Clothing

By, Chris Rossini

If you're a wolf, looking for some sheep to fleece, which scenario would make your job easier?
  • Attack the sheep full force, showing your teeth and letting them know your intentions right away, or
  • "Wear sheep's clothing"; let them think you're one of them, without scaring them off.
If you're a smart wolf, you'd choose the latter. It would be much easier.

Now let's move to the wolves known as politicians.

Like the rest of us, politicians seek to lower their costs and efforts expended to achieve their goals. Unfortunately their goals involve the taking of the contents of our bank accounts, our freedoms, and sometimes our very lives.

That's quite an undertaking, and to pull something like that off, they have to have the finest sheep's clothing available.

Let's look at an example of how this is done.

Take neocon writer Jennifer Rubin, who yesterday wrote about Mitt Romney's speech at CPAC. She writes:
Mitt Romney came to CPAC, not to run for something, but because he is an old-fashioned guy who thought it appropriate to show gratitude and maybe say farewell to conservatives who despite reservations gave him the GOP presidential nomination.
He's just an "old-fashioned guy"...

The fact that just a few short months ago, he was talking about fire bombing half the Earth doesn't seem to matter. Have the Presidential "Debates" already been forgotten?
"He did not lose the presidency for lack of decency."
If you look closely at the language Rubin uses, you can detect the sheep's clothing. There is nothing "decent" about stealing the income of one and giving it to another (no matter what the reason). Theft is theft.

There is nothing decent about promising to send individuals to various parts of the Earth to kill and/or be killed.

But a major factor in getting the sheep on board is to dress these actions up behind words like "old-fashioned" and "decency".

Language isn't the only dressing either. Politicians must be nicely groomed, speak proper English, and wear a nice suit. If they were to dress and act like the common street mugger, the sheep may get startled and begin to scatter.

Rubin then has some not-so-kind words about Senator Ted Cruz and his confrontation with Diane Feinstein over her gun-grabbing attempt:
There was nothing wrong with his point, but his tone in posing questions to her in professorial fashion rather than simply stating his view was, to be blunt, obnoxious...

But could Cruz get more mileage by turning it down a notch and, yes, showing some respect for a colleague who, while she may disagree with him, has certainly been around the block more than he? Yes. In fact it would be in his interest to show less professorial disdain and more collegiality.
In other words, when rival government gang members quibble with one another, they should be kind and courteous. If they were to act like street gang members, the sheep may get startled and lose faith in the system.

And what a system it is.

There is little to no difference between a politician stealing your income to give to another person, then a mugger stealing your income to feed his family. The politician gets a life of luxury, the mugger gets the jail cell.

There is little to no difference between Republicans and Democrats fighting over stolen loot and how it should be appropriated, and the Crips and Bloods fighting over neighborhoods and how they should be "appropriated". The politicians get a TV station called CSPAN where you can watch the pigs at the trough, the Crips and Bloods get the jail cells.

The difference?

Politicians discovered the benefits of dressing up in sheep's clothing.

That, in conjunction with the help of people like Rubin (and there are lots like her), the "licensed" media, and the government's very own school system, the sheep not only agree to constant fleecing; they've also been trained to love it.

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  1. Government is nothing but a well organized crime syndicate.