Monday, March 4, 2013

REPORT: Some Troops Asked If They Would Shoot U.S. Citizens If Ordered

Seth Mason confirms that the question is being asked:
I want to preface this article with an analogy. Owning a fire extinguisher doesn't mean that you plan on your house burning. It simply means that you are prepared in case you have a house fire. In the same way, the question "would you shoot American citizens?" that some troops are supposedly being asked doesn't mean that the Department of Defense is planning to attack American citizens. Furthermore, the question likely has nothing to do with the American people as a whole. It's most likely in reference to U.S. citizens who allegedly have ties to Islamic terrorism. Still, it's a hell of a question, and it goes to show how badly our constitutional rights have been eroded in the name of the War on Terror.

On to the question itself: I have a good friend in-the-know with the military who told me that some troops are being asked if they would shoot American citizens if ordered. If the troops reply that they would not, they are immediately honorably discharged on other grounds, says my friend. This supports Internet rumors about the existence of such of question. I trust my friend, and now I, too, believe that the question is being posed within our military.


  1. Oh. Well. Since I have no ties to Islamist Terrorists, I feel so much better, Seth.
    Maybe I'll make up some tee shirts proclaiming my status as NOT a terrorist.

  2. There's no new or convincing evidence here. So where are all these service members who have been forcibly retired? If they feel strongly enough about this to have already sacrificed their careers, why hasn't a single one come forward?

    This may all be true, but until there's some credible evidence beyond Garrow's claims about an unnamed source, this isn't going to carry any weight for anyone but conspiracy nuts.

  3. I have a bad feeling that this is all too true. I know it must sound crazy to most people, but if you put this report in the context of everything else that's going on in Washington (NDAA, Patriot Act, Feds buying up bullets, etc), it's not all that unlikely.

    After hearing reports like this, it boggles the mind that many people in the liberty movement think working within the political system is the way to go. No way the elites will let us accomplish a thing if we play their little game. I genuinely think we'll see the inevitable collapse before any substantial progress is made via the GOP.

  4. Too bad 99% of economists aren't applying the basic concept of MONOPOLY to the state itself.

    Monopolies tend to reduce in quality and increase in cost over time.

    The long term prospects are likely going to get worse, as long as the monopoly remains.

  5. I'm currently in the military, have been for the last 8 years and have never been asked that question or any question like that.

    However, I do have some friends who are combat controllers and from what I've heard from them, at some point in their grueling training they are asked a series of questions. Some of the questions touch on similar subjects ("Would you shoot a woman", "Would you shoot an unarmed person if told to", "Would you shoot a child") and if your response to any of these questions is "No", you are disqualified from that career field, not dischared altogether from the military.