Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Latest Attack on the Ron Paul Institute....

They are attempting to get to Ron Paul by charging the Institute will damage Rand. The memo is clearly out. Get a load of this:

Peter Weber at The Week: Why the new Ron Paul Institute is terrible news for Rand Paul

Walter Mead is out with this at American Interest: Ron Paul Sabotages Son’s Race with Fringe Advisory Board

The attacks just keep coming from every absurd angle possible.This smacks of desperation. The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity has nothing to do with Rand. Indeed, Rand is more of a necon when it comes to war over peace (especially if the 51st state is involved) than he is in alignment with the stated view of RPI: "A prosperous America is profoundly linked to a foreign policy rooted in peaceful relations and trade with all."

No one is going to confuse Rand's positions with those of his father. If anything, Rand is muddying the libertarian message, not the other way around.

I'm not big on promoting donations to organizations, but if the neocons are this hyped about RPI, sending a donation to RPI is not a bad idea. Irritate the neocons and donate today.

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