Wednesday, April 10, 2013

These 3,000 Names Will Be Read At The Capitol Today ... These 3,000 Won't

By, Chris Rossini

It always fascinates me when people run to their governments to take away guns in the name of gun control.

Governments!!...those guys that drop nuclear bombs on people...that have killed hundreds of millions in their wars.

They are to be in charge of taking all the guns?

It's madness.

Today, 3,300 names will be read at the Capitol. They are the names of victims to gun deaths since Newtown. For sure, it's troubling that such events take place. That people resort to violence, and that gun accidents happen is a very tough and challenging part of life.

However, government gun grabbing is not the all.

These actions take a tough situation and make it worse. Government can only tilt the tables in the favor of criminals, and themselves. In essence, every criminal element profits big time from gun control.

As the 3,300 names of gun victims are read today, there will be no mention of the 3,105 drone victims that the government itself has created in Pakistan. I would suggest that many many Americans have no idea that the U.S. is even involved in Pakistan.

The targets of these drones are supposed to be terrorists or enemy combatants, but the success rate is very low, and as you'd expect the civilian population is constantly in fear. Ron Paul has even pointed out how these actions create even more terrorists who hate America.

Click here to see a chart of the drone strikes as well as the number of "Children," "Civilians" and people that fall into the "Other" category who were killed by drones:

Keep in mind that this is the "sideshow" that occurs in Pakistan. Imagine what goes on in the wars that Americans are aware of.....

And this is the institution that is to take away guns from innocent, peaceful, and law-abiding citizens?

It should be the other way around. Instead of handing out Nobel Peace Prizes to them, governments should give up their guns, so that more may live.

(h/t Travis Holte)

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  1. It's government's reason to be (and why we need to show them the door): punish the people who have done nothing wrong instead of the ones that have...