Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WSJ Editorial Board Member: Rand Paul is Just an Opportunist and Hypocrite

Time to grab some high powered antioxidants.

WSJ editorial board member and neocon Dorothy Rabinowitz obviously did not get the memo that Rand Paul is on the neocon's side on all important issues. If you understand that Rand has been shedding his libertarian-lite principles to move closer to the neocons, this video becomes very funny. Yes, Rand will do what is necessary to become president and he does take hypocritical stances, but he is doing so by moving closer to neocon positions.


  1. Robert, Rand is not a neocon which is why the true neocons at the Weekly Standard, Commentary Magazine and WSJ are attacking him and will continue to do so. If he was a neocon they'd be praising him.

  2. I had to laugh when she mentioned "integrity of Republican Party" that might be "lost". War Street Journal - true to its name.