Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Amazon Launches Its Own Virtual Currency Called Coins

Amazon has launched its own currency called Amazon Coins,  MailOnline reports.

It's currently only available for US Kindle Fire owners, but the Coins can be used to pay for games, apps and in-app purchases from the Amazon Appstore.

One Amazon Coin is worth one penny, and Kindle Fire owners are getting 500 Coins ($5) for free as part of the launch.

The Coins will also be able to be used on the company's retail site when they become more widely available.

Amazon Coins can be bought in batches of 1000, 2500, 5000 and 10,000.

The more you buy, the bigger the discount and 10,000 Coins costs $90, for example.
Customers will also get a 10% discount on items bought using Amazon Coins.


  1. Yes, and I already got 5 bucks worth (500 coins). It was from some kind of promotion because I bought something.

    Would be cool if these coins become more valuable and people start trading them into other markets. Kind of like the virtual game, Sims (or some popular virtual game). From what I've heard people used those coins (or points) as means to gain money or maybe buy real products. These points in the game allowed you to buy virtual stuff to advance your virtual lifestyle. People would do so well in the game that they had the ability to sell off some of their points to others through something like Paypal then transfer the game points to that person. Some did so well that they could make a pretty good living.

    I'm not a virtual gamer (or a gamer at all) so I don't know how well it is doing now. But, if Amazon started something like an online game where points can advance your gaming abilities or something like it, along with their regular store, I would consider it.