Friday, May 24, 2013

Good 'Ole September 10th, 2001

By, Chris Rossini

While Ezra Klein puts out the headline: Obama’s six-point plan to wind down the ‘war on terror’ and the The Nation says: Global War on Terror, R.I.P. one must wonder what world they're living in.

Are we really on the verge of such an incredible state of affairs?

What is to happen with the massive Dept. of Homeland Security, which has been "stockpiling enough ammo for a 20-year war in the homeland" and which has purchased 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks?

Were those just impulse buys?

And what about the enormous National Security Complex that has been built up with God-knows how many thousands of government bureaucrats?

The talking heads are still belly-aching about the non-cuts of sequestration. Can you imagine the outcry if the War on Terror was coming to an end?

I would love to believe that Ezra Klein and The Nation are correct. Other than Ending The Fed, an end to the War on Terror is at the top of every libertarian's list.

But, this is government and its media arm that we're talking about, so you can take everything they say with less than a grain of salt.

As we reported here yesterday, neocon Max Boot is perfectly cool with Obama's national security speech and foreign policy stance altogether. But just for good measure, his colleague, Jonathan Tobin, wants to set things straight that there's no going back to September 10, 2011:
The president seems to think the threat level is sufficiently low that America can go back to a September 10, 2011 mentality where terrorism was treated primarily as police problem rather than a military one. Doing so might prove popular since Americans would prefer to think that ramping down security measures and aggressive counter-terror operations means they really are safe and that they can go back to ignoring the Islamist war on the West. But if the United States is to continue to defend its citizens and the West against an Islamist movement that seeks our destruction, it must continue to keep itself on a war footing with regard to terrorism.
Unfortunately, based on government's actions, the neocon agenda is still in place. We are still yet to see anything that warrants the headline: "Global War on Terror, R.I.P."

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  1. Time for them to wind down the war on terror so the national security bureaucracy can be unleashed on American citizens.

  2. Doug I think you have hit the nail on the head!