Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Government-Created "ME ME ME Generation"

By, Chris Rossini

A combination of the Fed's boom/bust cycle, minimum wage laws, occupational licensing, and countless other regulations that strangle the marketplace have unsurprisingly create a lot of unemployed young individuals.

Here's how one of The State's mouthpiece publications, TIME, sees this problem that the State has created:

A generation educated in government schools, funded by government student loans, and unable to find jobs in a government/central bank twisted marketplace are called "lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents."

How shall the State solve this problem? Since obviously no one else possibly can...

How about some "Good Service"?

That's the title of a Foreign Affairs piece that states:
...Stanley McChrystal, the retired U.S. general, argued that the United States should compel all Americans to serve their country through some form of national service. Conscription, however, is not the answer to the United States’ challenges at home or abroad. Instead, Washington should build on the success of existing voluntary programs, such as the Peace Corps, to give more Americans the opportunity to advance U.S. foreign policy objectives by serving abroad.
There you go.

The massive military empire, that has been at constant war for most (if not all) of our lives, can use some more recruits! Peace Corps, as they like to call it.

So of course! Why not force the "lazy, entitled narcissists" to go out there to advance "U.S. foreign policy objectives"?
The idea that compulsory service will strengthen society and boost civic engagement isn’t new. Around the turn of the twentieth century, the American philosopher William James suggested that youth be drafted by states to perform manual labor. In the process, James argued, they would “get the childishness knocked out of them, and . . . come back into society with healthier sympathies and soberer ideas.”
If only it were so easy for the State to 'knock the childishness out of kids'. They're always on the case, that's for sure. Talk of government providing "Universal Pre-K" is in the air. So maybe sucking the individuality and natural creativity from the young will begin at an even earlier age.

Not surprisingly, this is the polar opposite of the teachings of the real Prince of Peace who said: "Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven."

If the so-called "ME ME ME Generation" doesn't stand up and call for an end to the countless government intrusions that have thwarted them, the chains will only get heavier.

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  1. Involuntary servitude used to have another name...

  2. Good post Chris.

    This reminds me of that speech that asswipe Charlie Munger gave at the UofM to students, telling them they should be grateful for the bailout of the banks and that if the bailouts were given to the little people it would ruin society, and that they(the students) needed to "suck it up" despite the bad economy: