Saturday, June 1, 2013

This Week in TSA Drama

Baghdad TSA Bob reports in:

A total of seven CO2 cartridges were discovered this week, so I thought that it would be appropriate for me to explain when they are permitted to be carried with you. The FAA prohibits CO2 cartridges in both checked and carry-on bags unless they are with an inflatable life vest. You can have up to two in the life vest and two spares. The spares must accompany the life vest and be presented as one unit. CO2 cartridges are also permitted for operating mechanical limbs, along with spare cylinders to ensure an adequate supply for the journey.
Two inert/novelty/replica grenades were discovered at Las Vegas (LAS), and Houston (IAH). The novelty grenade at IAH was in the passenger’s carry-on bag.
When asked if she had any hazardous materials, a passenger at San Juan stated that she had a bomb.

Baghdad  TSA writes:

Example of Improper Way to Pack  A Firearm in Checked Baggage (AEX)

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